The scenery of Taihu Lake, Wuxi

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Wuxi, a place as beautiful as Suzhou and Hangzhou, with typical "Jiangnan Water Village" characteristics. Because I was tired, I just didn’t want to go around but only rolled in Yuantouzhu.

Taihu Lake is the largest lake in eastern China. It is the second largest freshwater lake in China. Its shape is very smooth, especially in the southwest part. Some scientists believe that it is plants impacting outside the universe that come into being the Taihu Lake, Yangcheng Lake, Lake, Jinji Lake, and so Hudang, forming today's Yangtze River Delta.

Nevertheless, many people including the locals and people from other places love to come to yuantouzhu still. Yuantouzhu refers to an island north of Taihu Lake.

The scenery in Yuantouzhu is good, with trees on the two sides of the road.

Flowers here and there.

Plants grow on the side of pond.

Travel to Sky Street, it is in fact a commercial street.

The cleaners on the island.

A yellow leaf

The Xu statue in Yuantouzhu. It turn out that Xu Xiake started his tour from the Yuantouzhu, and lasted thirty years, later he wrote the book "Xu Travels", we were really admired of him.

Because there is a film base in Taihu Lake, so there are many antique warships on the lake.

I have an old ticket, can I board the old ship?

back to Wuxi city

Back to Shanghai, rolled about the Baoshan Wetland Park and found the Yangtze River Port is much beautiful than expected.

Lush plants

Children were happily flying kites. What a beautiful and sunny life.

Taihu Lake Guidebook:

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