Suzhou Zijin Temple, the precious Rohans

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It is said that "The World Rohan two and a half," half locates in Suzhou Luzhi Baosheng Monastery. One locates in Jinan Changqing Lingyan Monastery. And one locates in the Zijin Temple in Suzhou Dongshan, which will be introduced by this passage. There are four characters on the door: "The ancient Zijin Temple", written by a famous calligrapher Fei Xinwo. There are two antique stone lions with smile in front of the door.

Zijin Temple was built in Dynasty Nanbei with a long history of more than 1400 years. It was rebuilt in Dynasy Tang. Now it mainly represents the Dynasty Ming Qing building Style.

Zijin Temple is unique in that ancient Buddhist statues and Lohans in the great hall of the house, including the three Buddha and the two statues behind, the most famous is the "Sixteen Lohans", which has a very high historical, cultural and artistic value.

Rosette Buddha, Medicine Buddha and Amitabha Buddha are sitting in the hall. Kasyapa Buddha and Ananda Buddha are next to them. Their eyes seem to watch you all the time wherever you are. On the upper left of Luohas, The gods hold the handkerchief, the grains are really harmony. The entire statue seems alive.

There are Osmanthus trees with a history of more than 500 hundred years in front of the buildings. The Jingyin Hall is also a place worth visiting.

The sixteen Rohans which states in “FaZhuji” are worth appreciating. Their look and layered clothing give deep impression to us. It is a work by Leichao couple in Song Dynasty, which is a superb level of Chinese sculpture eight hundred years ago.

Rohans have different gesture, some are thinking, some are sleeping, some are laughing, which is so vivid and just alive.

"Long Eyebrow Rohan" means good and fortune, “Wine Rohan” has a drunken guesture. “Confucian Rohan” is sincere and be addicted to Buddhism. “Thinking Rohan” is looking down, as if he is wondering an answer.

“Tiger Rohan” seems senile, but has limitless power, even the tiger is tamed by him. “Holding knee Rohan” is arrogant, who thinks that taming a tiger is just a petty skill.

Rohan is looking at the dragon on the pillar. The Rohan is exposing his arms and violent muscle, with opening his big eyes.

Although these Rohans are from Buddhism, they are also in the ways of the world. There are eight statues of Rohans by Amitabha, which also have high artistic value.

Historic temple is simple and plain, seemed as an ordinary small farm house from outside. No one can imagine that the hall is storing a treasure of Rohans, which are not only the essence of ancient sculpture, but also a cultural heritage in the history of Chinese sculpture art!

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