Guangxi Detian Waterfall: wonders on the border line

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The border in Chongzuo (in Guangxi province) and Vietnam is more than 500 kilometers long, Daxin County, and Guichun River is one of border river. Guichun River originates from Jingxi County, Guangxi peovice, more than 150 km length, winding 35 km through Vietnam, then run back into Guangxi, so the local residents call it as “Guichun River”, means "return back". The river from Detian Village to Shuolong Town is a natural boundaries of China and Vietnam, the river is 30 meters wide, and we can see clearly what the Vietnamese doing in the opposite bank by standing at the river. Houses and roads at the opposite bank look old, dirt, there are large trucks at the bottom of the mountain, it is said that these trucks are much better than ours and filled with herbs, coffee, cigarettes, perfume, and other smuggling agricultural goods, many border residents live by doing smuggling trade in Vietnam.

Detian Waterfall
Detian Waterfall is on the border upstream of Guichun River, it is now the national-level scenic spot, the waterfall is divided into two parts by border, and have their own name. On the right, the large one belong to China, that is the Detian Waterfall, the left one is more delicate belong to Vietnam, its name is Banyue Waterfall. Go into the scenic area, there are many people at the side of Detian Waterfall, while almost no one in that side of Vietnam. Detian Waterfall has three-drop waterfall, 70 meters height, in the water season on, waterfall on both sides will connect into a waterfall with 200 meters wide, the average annual flow is 50 cubic meters / sec, which is 5 times of that of Huangguoshu Falls. It is also the fourth cross-border great fall in the world, following the Brazil-Argentina Iguazu Falls, Zambia- Zimbabwe Victoria Falls, and the United States-Canada, Niagara Falls, and the first in Asia.

Detian Waterfall is magnificent, gallant, and might.
Guichun River
Guichun River is the border line, and the other side is the Vietnamese territory.
Banyue Waterfall

Banyue Waterfall is within Yuxi town, Chongqing County in Vietnam, with vertical drop of 30 meters. Compared to Detian Waterfall, Banyue Waterfall is just like a slim and graceful delicate little lady.

Boundary marker, which is made by the Vietnamese at the other side of the river.
large raft
The river is shared between the two countries, but the big raft filled with tourists are ours, and the small one chasing the large raft selling things are Vietnamese.

Vietnamese girls are selling coffee, "Please try our Vietnamese coffee?'
Look up the river and listen to the thunder of the waterfall.

waterfall and cliff
Walk into the woods, you can see the waterfall and cliff in the upper reaches.

China Guangxi border
There is a piece of the legendary No. 53 boundary tablet in the upstream a few hundred meters of Detian Waterfall, it is established by the French colonial government the Qing government in 1888, on the tablet engraved with the "China Guangxi border".

China and Vietnam border
The border line was confirmed in mid-June 2006, our government re-established a No. 835 boundary tablet in Detian Waterfall in 2008, and now it has replaced the old boundary marker No. 53. Behind the tablet is the Vietnamese bazaars.
Banyue Waterfall
Kapok above Banyue Waterfall is eye-catching, as the blooming fireworks on festival.

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