Great tour in Guilin Yangshuo

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First, introduced my five-day tour, which maybe looks rushing, but actually it was rather funny, we were lying while rafting, and the terraces were not so difficult to climb, in all, this tirp was not bad.

day1 17 June MU5381 Shanghai Pudong—Guilin Liangjiang (15:05—17:20)
day2 18 June Take a bus at Xing Ping Bus Station in Lijiang River in Guilin rafting (Yang Di - xingping Pier) to Yangshuo. 
day3 19 June Yangshuo—take shuttle to Baishayulong Village - Yulong River rafting (full 6 hours) - back to Yangshuo - back to Guilin
day4 20 June Railway Station - Longsheng terrace - Check Quanjinglou 
day5 21 June down the Mountain to Guilin back to Shanghai by FM9332 Two Rivers—Shanghai Hongqiao 21:55 - 23:50 

Guilin gives people a feeling that it is a busy but quiet city, watching the running cars on the road during at the day, I felt a little restless, but I felt calm and peaceful while watching the quiet flowing river at night~

The south square of train station which we had passed through many times, there are trains to Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River and Longsheng.

Guilin Li River scenery – the day we arrived, the priority is to cruise the Lijiang River and enjoy the beautiful landscape volume. Blue sky with white clouds, green mountains, and water waves, all of these revived me.

Turning several times, we arrived Nine Horses Mountain, you can exert your imagination. It is said that the one who can find all these nine horses has the ability to rule the country.

A little bit of experience: if you want to go to Lijiang River for rafting, you should get up in the early morning, because if you are late, there is bang bang noisy sound from motor.

Guilin Landscape

We finally arrived Yangshuo, Yangshuo is said to be a petty bourgeoisie town, I rolled in the streets and found there are a lot of inns, the local bosses were carefree, now town more, there are also many shops selling arts and crafts here and there. 

In the evening, we went to see the "Impression Liu San Jie", a lot of scenes were very good, torches lit the night sky.

Thirty kilometers waterways, the raft worker turned the paddle again and again to push us wave for ward – we were very happy along the way, but we were also distressed the raft worker for his high-intensity work, I wish they are in good health all the time and nothing goes wrong.

Yulong River

The green Longsheng terraces, it is my first time to go to Miao village, Longsheng in July, mountains and plains are all green crops, we had ordered the Quanjinglou Pavilion, anyway there is only one way up to the mountain.

Referred to Guilin, of course the well-known food in Guilin is the famous Guilin Rice Noodle, what’s more, the price was much cheaper than that in Shanghai! A bowl of rice noodles with beef and kelp only cost 5 yuan. There are also many other delicious food in Guilin, wow!

We heard that the food in Quanjinglou Pavilion is good, and the price is also reasonable, so we order some, yeah, the food was indeed good! 
Beer Fish
Lemon Chicken

Guilin Tours: Guilin & Yangshuo Memories 4 Days Tour

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