Shandong Tour: Shanghai-Weihai-Penglai-Shanghai

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4 Days Tour

Transportation: Diver by self, Ferry (round way- Penglai to Long Island), chartered car.

First day: Shanghai-Weihai (Korean Food Street)
Second day: Weihai (Liugong Island, Huanhai Road, Eat seafood, barbecue)
Third day: Weihai-Penglai-Long Island (Jiuzhang Cliff, Moon Bay, Wangfu Reef) - Penglai (barbecue)
Fourth day: Penglai-- Shanghai

When we traveled from Weihai to Liugong Island by boat, and saw the warship on the way.

China Sino-Japanese War Museum

It shows the situation of the bloody war.

Had a view on the Liugong Island

The sika deer are donated by Taiwan, and the environment is fitted for them.

China Iron Rod on the Liugong Island

The original Beiyang Navy Prefects Bureau

The Huanhai Road in Weihai—A way which has beautiful scenery. It was rainy that day, so cannot show the beautiful scenery.

Fishing Boats

The boats anchored in the dock.

The beach in Weihai is open free to the tourist and you can swim in the sea. Many persons take wedding photos here.

We sat and watched the sun go down.

It will take us about 1 hour from Penglai to Long Island by this boat.

Here is the National Marine Geological Park in Jiuzhang Cliff, Long Island. So wonderful scenery!

We came to the seaside.

This road is a little same with the one in Yellowstone National Park.


Beacon, Sea, Hill, Winnower, it just like a Fairy Tales.

a magic scenery

There is Dolphin Shows in Moon Bay Park, and you can pick several stones for memory and they are very nice.

Wangfu Reef
We had many seafood and cherry in this tour and enjoyed ourselves.

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