Shandong cuisine: Spanish mackerel large dumplings

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On the second day of the Chinese lunar New Year, I pay a visit to a friend who lives in Shandong. The hosts had prepared Spanish mackerel dumplings early in the morning, they were hospitality, and the dumplings tasted good and left me a deep impression. Spanish mackerel is produced in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, and Bohai Sea, its flesh is delicate, delicious, with rich nutritious. It is said that Spanish mackerel stuffing dumplings are cuisines created by Shandong people along the coast. Seafood dumplings, dumplings should be said that Spanish mackerel are a separate faction.

The hot Shandong Spanish mackerel dumplings on a large table are quite delicious. Kneading, stuffing mix, seasoning, and heat, every procedure has its know-how.

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