Xiaohuang Dong Village, let the Dong song listened by the world!

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Xiaohuang Dong Village, located in Congjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao & Dong Autonomous Prefecture. It is a famous songs village, as well as a passionate, romantic, and poetic Dong village. All the people here including the elderly and children, men and women are all singers, this is a place where people regard life as song, and cannot without song.

Dong is a nation without writting in the history, their narrative and historical biography are all passed down by mouth and heart, outstanding traditional cultural, customs, social etiquette, all of these are passed down from generation to generation by such a beautiful voice, Xiaohuang Dong village is the birthplace of the Dong Big Songs.

The Bing Songs of Xiaohuang Dong ethnic group has become famous since the 1950s. In mid-1980s, they went to France to attend a show, which was really a sensation in Paris. In recent years, they participated in the Guizhou Folk Contest and CCTV and won awards, the women team also went to Spain for performance. Kam Grand Choir is a kind of multi-voice, non-conductor, without accompaniment folk chorus music, it is very rare in the world and has been enlisted by the UNESCO as a world-class intangible cultural heritage since 2009. The content and forms of the songs are closely related to the customs, personality, psychological, and living environment of the Dong people, such as "Cicada" and "cuckoo reminders spring", which simulated the nature sound of birds, insects, mountains and streams, express the harmony between man and nature.

In the Xiaohuang Dong Village, there are many songs, and everything can be a song. The children in the village start to learn sing songs when they began to learn words, after the age of 5, their parents will call in the well-known teacher to teach them. The local teachers teach singing songs for free in the village, everybody regards this as a sacred duty, now they also open Dong song courses in primary school.

These women are the singers of the Bing Songs of Xiaohuang Dong ethnic group. There happened to be an important official in the Xiaohuang Dong Village on that day, so many people rushed there to welcome this important person. The ceremony was just over when we arrived, suddenly, it rained heavily, so the mothers were all running in the rain with their children.

Looked at the mother led their children in the street, I thought of the Dong customs, such as the blind date, wedding festival, or other similar activities, I guess most ideas of these activities are come from them.

Em... the management is rather good, there are even people doing statistics.

Most of the usual Dong dresses are blue and simple look, but the dresses are much pretty and beautiful on holiday or festival.

Silver is beautiful with multi-pattern.

The men’s trousers are Dong cloth.

Look at the silver lock behind them.

These women have attended some big performances, and this month they will go to Spanish for a show this month.

Dong songs must be sung at the Drum Tower, only in this way can reflect the original ecosystem.

Have some weight in the hand

Xiaohuang Dong nationality song has successfully applied as the intangible cultural heritage.

The Dong song are taught in the school, hope these traditions can be inherited. 

1 Transportation: it is not very far from the Jiang Town to Xiaohuang Dong Village, there are two buses, one is in the morning, one is in the afternoon, if miss the buses, you have to take a taxi and pay more.

2  Accommodation: it seems there are only two hotels in Xiaohuang Dong Village, we stay in Congjiang county.

3  Food: there seems to be no restaurants in Xiaohuang Dong Village, maybe it was because we did not find, but you’d better take some rations for the journey.

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