A true record of the Bouyei wedding

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Few days ago, I went to attend a wedding held in a Bouyei village at the bank of Sixmooon River, which really left a deep impression on me. I believe I would regret if I did not go. Bouyei nationality is a welcoming, straightforward people, and their traditional customs are very different with us. Along a rugged mountain road in Longshan Mountain, we could see the groom’s house at a far distance.

Across the Moon River we came to the grooms house. When we arrived, we found that they had ready prepared well in advance (they had killed the pig and put on a plate).

All the relatives, friends and neighbors came to help.

The elated grooms father do it himself.

This pig weight 300 kg, it was raised by this family, so the meat was flesh and absolutely green. Women were busy with something other things. The whole family filled with married celebration atmosphere.

Bouyei is a clean people, and their villages are often built beside the river. Where there is water there will be Bouyei people. There happened to be a neighbor girl got married too, people in these villages went there to sent their best wishes, by the way, drunk a cup of wine.

At the free time, we photographed on the Moon River. After lunch, people began to head for the bride’s family.

We must across this Yongsan Mountain from the grooms family to the brides family, but lucky enough, the hard-working Bouyei peoples made steps in the mountain, so it would be easier to walk on this road. On the way, we encountered village folks who attend the wedding. They walked a long way (even tens of miles) to send their blessings.

 They walked fast and vigorously with lug stuff in the front, but I still could not catch them though I just carried a camera. Now I fully understand why many people live in the mountains can live longer, what we lack is movement. On the way, people from the bride side will stop to check whether the wedding things are loose or not, then we took a break.

We finally came to the home of the bride, first put the bride-price and had a break, those receive people could not walked into the house without the permit of the brides family, so they waited for the bride outside the house.

People in the stockaded village drunk happily, it was lively.

We look for the bride for a long time and finally saw her, it was obviously that her mood is rather good. Quietly looked for shooting target and finally found a beautiful face under the eaves of the dowry, and later I learned that she was bridesmaid, and I felt that she has Tibetan charm.

Seeing the lovely bridesmaids, there was an idea of taking more photos in my hearts, so I find some background for shooting bridesmaid.

The bride began to dress, and her sister in law made dress for her, telling her their feeling of separation.

After got ready, the bride’s family greeted the receive team into the house. The old leaders sang song, but their voice was so low that we must listen carefully. This elder sang while walking to the hall then put down to the gift.

The second elder people followed into the house, also sang song while walking, I was sure it was an auspicious song, though I still did not know what song it was after I listened to it for a long time. The singer was an older person, I asked the young people whether they could sing that song, but disappointed to hear that they did not know. It seems this nation need to take some actions to retain and inheritance the good things, otherwise, something of this primitive peoples will be lost or diluted. The brides relatives who would sing this song while carrying the bowl of wine, and asked for smoke from the wedding team, the two sides antiphonal singing, until they were satisfied with each other. Therefore, the smoke were not enough, the grooms family must buy more.

After the meal, the groom and the brides family began to pack, because the groom’s family was far away, and all the dowry need to be returned to the grooms family.

Girls and young wives were standing by and watched, but all of them had their own thoughts.

From the bride to the grooms family we had to cross the Longshan Mountain, and we stayed in a hotel on Yongsan Mountain for one night that evening. It was so good to live on the mountains, quiet, even at the dawn there was nothing happened, and such kind of feeling that far from the hustle and bustle city is really good! I guess it will be a pleasant thing to come here for staying in the hotel one or two nights in summer. One of my friends took photographs of meteor shower beside the drums, I envied it so much, and I regretted not to stay up for taking pictures at night.

The next day, we arrived at the grooms house before 11 oclock, and we began to shoot for the wedding ceremony. Before the ceremony was preparation of the grooms family: picking stools, cooking, preparing feast and so on.

Then this old lady began decorating the new house.

The grooms sister also dressed herself neatly. After dressed well, she dressed for her younger brothers wife.

The relatives and friends waited for the wedding feast.

The bride and the groom were talking near the river.

Walking on the road covered with firecrackers.

Everything was ready, the banquet began. The bride and the groom exchanged toasts and tobacco with each other, expressed heartfelt thanks to the friends and relatives who came to congratulate. The bride’s mother-in-law gave her the gift money. The ceremony was over, and we could drink to express congratulations. We also took photos with the groom’s family. Although the ceremony was over, this trip impressed me deeply. But I think I still have a lot of such kind of opportunities, because I have made a lot of Bouyei friends.

Although I have participated in a lot of wedding, most of them do not leave a deep impression on me, only this Bouyei wedding deep in my memory.

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