Cao County - The Cultural Hub

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Cao County is located in Shandong province, very close the border of Henan province in the People's Republic of China. Cao is alternatively also known as Caoxian and is under the administration of Heze City. The ancient city of Bo, which was one of the capitals during Shang Dynasty, is located in Cao. The county was notorious for law and order problems till Boxer rebellion. The law and order problem was curtailed after the first Sino-Japanese War. As result of the war the local garrisons become weak with the help of Great World Company, Dadaohui, which has its operation till 1985 and that, was considered as an inspiration for the Boxer rebellion.

Important attractive locations:

If we summarize the must visiting location in Cao County that can be jotted as Heze Caozhou Peony Park, MinZu BuXingJie, MengZeHu ShangYeJie, Shishi Shang Yejie, Heze Nigxiang Park, Heze Caozhou Martial Arts Hall and Heze Garden. Few important located are narrated here under.

Heze Caozhou Peony Park:

This garden is 350 kilometers far from the airport and just five kilometers distance from the Railway station. By boarding a bus, within 10 minutes you can reach to the Peony garden. This is the largest cultivation field of Peony and the park is spread over 120,000 square kilometers. You can find 800 different types of Peony plants including Chinese Peony. From here flowers are sold across China and also exported foreign countries. The park is opened 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

Heze Garden:

Haze Peony Tourist Zone is one of the largest Peony production gardens that produce the finest Peony on earth. Lots of scientific research has been carried out here to produce the best quality Peony flowers that are being sold all over China and exported to various countries. The plantation and production of Peony flowers are dated back to Southern Song Dynasty and it reached to peak stage during Ming Dynasty.  You can find about 6,000 different types of Peony verities here. Apart from Peony there are other verities of flower plants also can be seen here.

Heze Caozhou Martial Arts Hall:

The city is having long association with martial arts. Sun Bin, the famous author of The Art of War was from Heze. He has compiled the various traditional martial art forms made it available for the new generation. The original works of Sun Bin was beleived to be lost but 1972 the authorities were able to trace out the script and is used for teaching the Wushu Martial Arts. The Martial Arts Hall School 12 is famous to this effect in teaching the Wushu Martial Arts.

Ningxiang Park:

Ningxiang Park is also known as Spring Park. Located in the Heze city, this park is known for Peony flowers with more than 70 different species and also more than 40 other flowering plants add up its crown. The other varieties include Erythrina, Jade fruit, Ginkgo, Tower, Huang Ya Ball, Cimei, Jujube lead, Papayas, Ziwei, Rose, Pomegranates, Begonia stems etc. Seeing different verities of plants in one location is a beautiful experience.

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