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Zhangqiu is a beautiful county level city located in the province of Shandong. It is under administration of capital of Shandong province, Jinan. The entire city covers a total area of one thousand eight hundred and fifty five square kilometres with twenty towns and nine hundred and eight villages. As per census reports of the year 2010, the city had one million sixty four thousand and two hundred people living there. The built up region in Zhangqiu city is very less.  It has been positioned to be thirtieth among the top hundred excellent competitive nations in China in the year 2007 in terms of gross domestic product. It has a gross domestic product of thirty two billion RMB.
Initially, the Zhangqiu County had the capital city as Mingshui. The city of Zhangqiu was found in the month of August in year 1992. It was situated nearly fifty kilometres far from eastern portion of Jinan City. From the Mount Tai, it is approximately one hundred and twenty kilometres far north. The city is bordered at north by the Yellow River. In Zhangqiu, one famous spot is Yaoqiang Village where there is Jinan Yaogiang International Airport.
Home of Li Qingzho
Zhangqiu is famous for being the hometown of the well-known Li Qingzhao who lived in the period of Song Dynasty. Li Qingzhao was born in family of scholars and officials. Before her marriage itself, she was popular for her poetic works. The major portion of her life was in Shandong. Her love for poetry and her poems are well known across the globe. The poems in fact portrays her own life specifically here carefree days as high society woman. Zhangqiu is also the origin of the Longshan Culture which was popular during the period from 2900 BC to 2100 BC. This culture is also known as Lung-shan. It was one of the late Neolithic culture prevailed in China with main centre on lower as well as central Yellow River. Longshan culture dated from 3000 to 2000 BC. It was offered name after Longshan Town in Zhangqiu in eastern side of region under Jinan administration. The wonderful Longshan Culture is popular for the former features as well as the black ceramics that characterizes perfectly the Shang civilization, hangtu construction and scapulimancy. Zhangqui is near to the Chengziya Archeological site.
Important places:
There are various subdivisions in Zhangqiu such as Mingshui subdistrict, Zaoyuan subdistrict, Shengjing subdistrict, Shuangshan subdistrict, Bucun subdistrict and Longshan distict. The most important towns in Zhangqiu are Diao, Puji, Gaoguanzhai, Xiuhui, Duozhuang, Wenzu, Xiangsongzhuang, Shuizhai, Caofan, Ningjiabu, and Baiyunhu. The popular townships are Huanghe Township, Guanzhuang Township and Xinzhai Township. The history of Zhangqiu is much linked to Longshan Culture. Many travellers from different parts of the world visit Zhangqiu to learn more on the history and culture of China.
Travel tips

Zhangqiu is popular for the beautiful sceneries as well as springs. Train, taxi and bus services to Zhangqiu are available regularly from almost all cities in Shandong province. The East Jingshi Road and numerous Province Highways connect Mingshui and Jinan. Book your tickets now!

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