Jingyuetan Ski Resort - National Scenic Area of Changchun

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Jingyuetan Ski Resort is located in the Jingyuetan National Scenic Area, which is 18 kilometer away from Changchun City, in Jingyue Development Zone, in the People's Republic of China. The resort had three ski trails initially and added two more ski trails totaling to tally of five ski trails. The Ski trails are having a distance of 400, 500 and 600 meters respectively. The largest trail one with 600 meters length is difficult to negotiate. Further to the normal ski trails, there is a cross-country ski trail with a total length of 1,000 meters.

Skiing in the city
The Ski Resort is spread in an area of 18 square kilometers. With naturally gifted snow covered terrain and resources. This is one of the best ski sport location in China and in world with such a close proximity to the city. The proximity from the city makes Jingyuetan Ski Resort unique in features and hence is called as "skiing in the city". Tourists who are interested in ski sports will have wonderful experience, complimenting fresh air and chilling atmosphere. The best season to visit and participate in the skiing is during November to March. During these season tourist can have 120 days skiing fun and entertainment activities.

Skiing enthusiasts can select the track of trail that they wish to take. The tracks are divided in to the elementary run, intermediate run and cross-country run. The elementary runs are with easy maneuvering facilities with 30 meter wide track and have distance of 300, 470 and 580 meters respectively. The intermediate run is munch longer and having a length of 1470 meters with 35 meters width. The tracks are constructed with 15 degree slopes, which is good for middle level skiers. The tracks are built as a non-competitive trail hence it is good for people who are not that much experienced in skiing.

Cross country trail
Seasoned advanced skiers can go for cross country trail, which is highly competitive and one should have excellent experience to move on the track. The track is highly challenging and skier has to negotiate 2.5 kilometers. Double chair cable car is equipped to take the skiers to the top of the skiing platform. Top of the hill is having 2800 square meter building where skiers can store their personal belongs and skiing equipment. During the season, the snow covered area will be fluffy and ready to accept the tourists. Resort authorities have kept 2 snow making set to maintain the snow.

Moving to the resort and skiing rates:

From Changchun it is easy to reach to the resort. Reaching Changchun from any part of China is quite easy due to the well connected road, rail and air transport systems. Once reached at Changchun, you can board the bus No. 102 from Sanma Lu, which can take you to the last stop of the resort, Jingyue Tan. Special tourist coaches are available from Sanma Lu to take you the resort area. The entry fee is CNY 30 per head. Sleigh charge is CNY 50 per head for 1 hour. Skiing will cost you CNY 100 per head for three hours during weekend and workday and CNY 100 for 2 hours per head during holidays. This rate is including the cable car charges and skiing equipment rental charges. Free instructors are deployed for skier’s assistance. Enjoy skiing at Jingyuetan Ski Resort.

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