Nong'An Ancient Tower

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Nong’An Ancient Tower 

Nong'An Ancient Tower has a rich history dating back to 2000 years. It was the capital city of Fuyu State which was existed in 346 AD. The tower has lot of historical significance and helping historical scholars to study about the religious relics and architecture importance of Lio Dynasty of 907 - 1125. It was also considered as an important center of political, military and economic center during Liao and Jin Dynasties. Enjoying all the socio-political importance Nong’An County prospered in its full swing. There are lots of historical evidences establishing the rich connection related to the healthy and wealthy social back ground can be seen here. None other than the Nong’An Liao Tower itself is a typical example to stand the historical claims.

Known in various names
Nong’An Ancient Tower is located 70 kilometers north-west to Changchun city in the Nong’An agricultural area, in the People's Republic of China. The tower is also known as "the Nong’An Ancient Pagoda or Liao Dynasty Tower or Jin Dynasty Tower". The tower is constructed with solid brick in octagonal shape, which has 13 floors and having a height of 40 meters. Inside the tower you can see the marvelous construction of bucket arches that are made up of beautifully carved bricks under each eaves. There are eight doors on each wall and the structure of the body takes a contracting shape as it goes up. The formation is very slow from the bottom to the top. The top of the roof just throw to the sky.

Beautifully carved eaves
The ridges of the eaves are adorned with beautifully carved dragon, lion, horse and various other types of animals. The tower corners are further embellished with hanging bells. The hanging bells hymen whenever it is disturbed by gentle breeze. The gongs are made of gold and steel and the gongs could be heard quite far that gives a melodious sweet experience. The slight murmuring various tone of gongs are one of the best experience one can have while visiting the pagoda.

Three parts of Tower
Locals are so proud of this ancient pagoda built in the 10th century. Situated at the western door of Nong’An County, the ancient tower pagoda is also called as Buddha Tower and Gold Tower. The name Gold Tower may be received due to the various numbers of gongs dangled from the ridges of the roofs. The tower is divided in to three parts, the base floor, the body part and the top part. In each floor and every angle of the floor there are lots of statues of dragons, lions and horses and four angled Aeolian bell.

In the tenth floor, two bronze statue of Buddha is erected and lot of Buddha article and religious literatures and relics can be seen in the small brick room. It opens a sterling opportunity to understand and study the developments and architectural technologies prevailed during Liao Dynasty.

Travel Tips:
Being part of a well connected road and rail net work service, reaching to Nong’An Liao Tower is easy. From the city center tourist can have special tourist buses to the tower area. Admission to the Ancient Pagoda is CNY 20 per head. The tower will be opened from morning 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in the evening.

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