Haiyang A Beautiful Location for Fun and Entertainment

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Located in the eastern part of People Republic of China, Haiyang is a beautiful coastal city in the Shadong province. This coastal city is located at the center point of Qingdao, Weihai and Yantai. The city is attracting lot of local and international tourists and famous for clean sea beaches, wetland reserves and national forest parks.Tourist will have lot of aqua sports entertainment facilities and this make Haiyang one of the best entertainment locations in the tourist destination in China.About 690,000 people are living in this western Pacific Ocean coastline city. This is a county city engaged in 3 tier administrative systems spread over more than 1,886 square kilometers.Across the sea, South Korea and Japan lay as its natural neighbors.

Pristine beach stretched along 230 kilometer coastline, clean promenades, wonderful beach and water sports, various entertainment facilities and fine climate makes Haiyang one of the best tourist attractions in the world.The climate is ideally suitable for tourists who disembark from colder climate countries.You can easily equate the climate here with that of Scotland of Europe.

What the history says?

The earlier settlers here are from Laiyi ethnic minorities’ beleived to be migrated here about 2,300 years ago and was conquered by then rulers and annexed to their kingdom.As per the available historical evidences, it is beleived that Haiyang was continually under Qi Dynasty, affiliated to Jiaodong Province during Warring Period.Also there are evidences to believe it was later affiliated to Laizhou Prefecture during Yuan, Song and Tang Dynasties. During Ming Dynasty, there are convincing evidences to believe that Haiyang was kept with Dengzhou Prefecture.

Leisure & Fun:

Haiyang is fondly called as West Pacific Paradise. The name is a true reflective meaning of the city name as Ocean and Sun. Overlooked by Laoshan Mountain and Kunyu Mountain in the northwest and northeast respectively, the city has fabulous facilities for leisure and aqua sports events.

If you can select ten most attractive locations in Haiyang you can definitely consider visiting the following locations; Zhaohu Mountain, Laohu Tan Haiyang Gongyuan (Tiger Beach Ocean Park) Haiyang Genting, Haiyang Museum, Yantai Wanmi Beach, Cogma Temple, Haiyang Beach, Fengxiangtan Tourist Scenic Resort, Haiyang Yshahui Zhanlan Guan, Haiyangshi Buxing Jie and Zuiziqian Cemetery.

Laohu Tan Haiyang Gongyan

This park is built in 1990 targeting kids and adults with wide variety entertainment options.There are lots and lots of shopping and swimming activities tourist can engage in to.The animal section in the park is a rare experience one should never miss to visit. The largest bird cage (sanctuary) stretched over 18,000 square meters is located here. Another wonderful thing you can watch here is the largest tiger sculpture.Above all the Dolphin show attracts most of the visitors.

Nearbycities to Haiyang are Qingdao, Taishan, Jinan, Qufu and Penglai.From these cities, you can hope to tourist bus or regular bus service to reach Haiyang. Visiting places that are totally alien to your culture and living standardare always throw lot of challenges on you.The experiences that one may acquire during such trips give immense effect to mould your personality and give you a better understanding about rest of the world and help you to see the world in a new perspective.Enjoy your journey!!

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