Daming Lake - The Largest Lake in Jinan

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Daming Lake is one of the popular lakes in China. It is recognized as the largest lake in Jinan City in province of Shandong in China. This lake is positioned as a significant natural as well as cultural landmark across the globe. The location of Daming Lake is specifically to northern side of famous city centre in Jinan. It is fed by several artesian karst springs and therefore has the ability to retain the fairly constant level of water throughput the whole year. There are mainly 9ntiny islands located in Daming Lake. They are Jiaxuan Island, Mingshi Island, Cuiliuping Island also known as Four Willow Island, Guting Island or Ancient Pavilion Island, Huju Island also known as Lake Residence Island, Huxin Island also called Lake center island, Niaoqingqiqi Island also named as Bird Resting island, Qiuliu Island and huiquan island.

Main attractions near Daming Lake
Near to Daming Lake, there are several magnificent buildings. It is surrounded fully by a park that contains many historical buildings, out of which certain buildings stand on the above mentioned islands located in lake. The most important buildings are Lixia Pavilion, moon lit pavilion, lake center pavilion, Jiuqu pavilion, Haoran pavilion, Beiji Temple, Ancestral hall of Lord tie, Huiquan hall, Xiacanglang Pavilion, Huibo building, Nanfeng Ancestral Hall, Jiaxuan ancestral hall, Daming Lake Nanfeng Theater and Oushen’s Temple. There are beautiful gardens that surround this lake. In fact, there are 6 well known Chinese gardens in the park surrounding the lake. All these gardens are traditional. The popular gardens located in Daming Lake are Xia Garden, Nanfeng Garden, Qiuliu garden, Qishi guanyu garden, Jiaxuan garden, and Huju garden.

Point of convergence of several springs
Daming Lake is also known as Lake of great light. It is honoured as a real pearl of city that has many springs. The area covered by this lake amounts to forty six hectares. It is one of the natural lakes in China and has a depth of three meters. Daming Lake is the point of convergence of several springs in Jinan city such as Wangfu Pool, Pearl Spring, Lotus Spring, and more. With nearly eight hundred weeping willows along shores of lake, approximately two and half hectares of lake are fully planted with the lotus plants. The countless factors of natural beauty attract travellers to Daming Lake from different corners of the world. Few among them are lotus flowers that have delicate fragrance, emerald green coloured lotus leaves, rare fishes in the lake, birds on the shore, and more. It even offers a chance for photographers to capture excellent fascinating pictures.

Travel tips

In the lake park, several festivals as well as activities occur every year. Few important ones are Temple Fair conducted during spring festival, New Year flower exhibition, various folk festivals, Lotus exhibition, magnificent stone exhibition and more. The admission fee is thirty Yuan for entrance ticket generally. In case you wish to see performance on theatrical stage as well as rare stone hall, you must pay forty five Yuan. The openings hours are from 6.30 am to 5.30 pm. Bus services are available to specific gates of park from almost all areas in Jinan City. Hurry up! 

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