Ji’nan Century Park – Recreational Ground

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Ji’nan Century Park is a big recreational ground and is built by the team headed by the vice chairman of French Architect Association, Leygonie Antonie. This park has a mountainous background and is situated twenty kilometers away from the proper city. The main highlights of the park are alpine skiing, cartoon castle, business meetings halls, Water Park, extreme sports, health spa, swimming pool, and villa vacation leisure center and so on.

The Ji’nan century park covers an entire region of 1,500 acres and makes best use of it. This park has all the amusements facilities and it has attractions for children as well as adults. Thousands of people go to the park every day for the purpose of leisure, tourism and sight seeing. The century garden has been given a look of the European Resorts and is very lovely. The scenery of the park is very lovely and immaculate, with the running of the streams which joins into rivers, clusters of flowers, trees and fragrance. The whole park is built on the features of European style of architecture and charms every traveler.

For adults:
The Ji’nan Century Park has something attractive for all age groups. The adults can entertain themselves by involving themselves into the likes of professional alpine skiing, health spa, vereda golf, Water Park, extreme sports, villa leisure center, and standard swimming pool and so on. The park has also started hot air balloon, which can let visitors enjoy the beautiful sight from over hundred meters in the sky. There is also an auditorium where couples can have their wedding in European style. A wedding photo studio to have beautiful memories captured is also present. There is also a conference hall which can accommodate more than thousands of people for any important conference, seminar or a business meeting. The park can be used for different purposes.

For children:
The Ji’nan Century Park has plenty of fascinating stuffs for children. There is a large playground, Cartoon castle which is built on the atmosphere of ancient European fairy tales. It is like the children’s paradise. There are castles made of steel, Snow White house, Loving Hut, Santa Claus House and the colorful house. There are also people dressed like cartoon characters sculpting Bugs bunny, Donald duck, the lion king, Cinderella pumpkin cart, the wizard of Oz, tin man, scarecrow, cartoon band, poker soldiers and similar others familiar carton story characters.
The playground contains various excitements of jump roller, hurricane flying chair, rainbow spaceship, circus train, active vibrant spinning small bees, brave fire brigade, rotating boat and worm pulley.

A touch of French culture:
The French architect and his expert team also designed the church, castle, villas and other several steeples. There is a hotel, and a water restaurant and the park extends up to three sides of the valley. In totality, Ji’nan Century Park is an amazing and people traveling to China must include it in their itinerary.

Travel Tips:
The transport facilities to this park are very convenient. From Jinan city you can hope in to a tourist bus or regular bus services which are plying on regular intervals.

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