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Badaguan in Chinese means, eight passes.In the olden times Badaguan had eight thoroughfares and was named after eight passes in China. Today Badaguan has ten thoroughfares but still the names of the places are known as Badaguan.Two new avenues were built after People's Liberation. This is a beautiful location with lot of historical relics spreading light to the good old days of the city.Badaguan is situated in the eastern side of Qingdao city in the Shandong Province of People's Republic of China.

The avenues are adorned with wide variety of trees

The pleasant scenery of the Badaguan is further enhanced by the presence of neatly cultivated trees on both of side of avenue. The differenttypes of flowering trees with multicolored flowers make the thoroughfare an impressive outlook. The seasonal impacts on the trees will be a unique experience.Each of the ten avenues have adored with different types of trees on both sides of the thoroughfare. Since most of the trees are different in types, its blooming timing also varies and this given a splendid view.Because of the multicolor blooming specialty the avenues are known as ‘Hua Jie’.

Identity of Badaguan

Badaguan Scenic Area is remarkably famous for its unique presence of different type of building resembling to various country architectural features. There are foreign styled buildings with features of Germany, English, American, Greece, France, Spain, Japan, Switzerland etc.Each of these buildings are constructed as per their traditional architectural specialties.More than twenty foreign country representations you can see here.After the liberation movement, all the foreigners who lived here had left the country and government renovated all these buildings and kept this as a national identity of Badaguan.Today many touristsvisit here and stay in these buildings.Also foreign dignitaries also choose to stay here during their official tour.

Qingdao Island

Once upon a time, Qingdao Island was a secluded island with a coastal line of 720 meters.In the 1940 the island was connected to the mainland with a seawall.The shape of the seawall was something like that of an old Chinese musical instrument "qin".When the waves flashed on the wall, it started to produce a sound that is similar to that being produced by the musical instrument and gradually the islands name took shape as Qin Island.The island is located in the south east side of Zhan Bridge and is one of the most notable resort areas in the Qindgao Coast Scenic Area.

Another attraction in Qingdao Island is the "beacon" constructed by the Germans in the year 1990.This 15.5 meter tall structure is constructed with white marble.During sunlight it will shine as while and in night it will shine like a ruby, helps to navigate the ships safely which passes through the bay. From the outer seen the beacon may look like as if floating in the sea, hence it is called as "Floating Light on the Qin Island".

Travel tips:
Visitors can board bus to Luxuan Park and from here entrance to the island is very near. There are lot of bus services operating through Luxuan Park.Entry fee to island is CNY 15 during April to October and CNY 10 during November to March.

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