Tengzhou of Shandong Province

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Tengzhou of Shandong Province
Tengzhou is situated in the south of the Shangdong Area in China and is the birthplace of Mo-Tse. This respected gentleman was a greatly considered ancient philosopher, teacher, researcher, military tactician and social activist. Tengzhou is an economically advanced city with a population of around 1.8 million.
There are many beautiful spots, counting but not restricted to, the Lianqing Mountain and the Red Lotus Wetland Park. It is also near to other traveler attractions, which consist of the olden city of Taierzhuang and the biggest pomegranate orchard in the entire world. Tengzhou is a contented and attractive place to live and travel and is also very well attached to the rest of the region by main road and fast-train system.
The population
The city covers an area of 1485 square kilometers, with 21 cantons (street agencies) and 1,226 rural communities (living committee). The populace at the end of 2003 was 1,568,156, which comprises 286,007 urban residents. Male and female proportion remained at 106.5:100. There are 29 minority indigenous groups with whole of 4,100 people. Tengzhou spreads 45 kilometers extensive from east to west, 46 kilometers in length from north to south. It is the city with the leading population in Shandong Domain when it comes to a county-level city. It administers 21 settlements (streets) and 1291 normal villages. Tengzhou has a planning area in the urban settlement of 169.5 square kilometers. Currently 43.7 square kilometers of the extent has been finished. The urbanization ratio of the city has been 45%.
Tengzhou is a famous energy base and a construction materials settlement in China. It is stated that 30 types of mineral resource have been previously discovered inside its boundaries. Tengzhou has been one of the significant coal utilization base in China. Limestone reserves also exists for 2.8 billion tons, granite for 1.3 billion tons and the yearly cement production is 6 million tons.
The term “Teng” of Tengzhou signifies the spring water spurting up itself from earth. Teng was built up as a province very initially in Qin Dynasty. In the month of March in the year1988, being ratified by the State Council, Teng Province was altered into Tengzhou city. Tengzhou, with a magnificent history and a positive culture, is privileged as “the location of the five counties and three countries, a traditional prosperous state”. The titled “North Xin Culture” 7,300 years before in the Neolithic Age archeological age is just inside its boundaries. In furtherance, there are the remains of “Xue State” and “Teng State” in primeval “Shangzhou” ; as mentioned above, it is also the birthplace of the the “Artisan Founder” Lubanand “Scientific Sage” Mo-tse.
When preparing a trip to China, Tengzhou can be a decent choice to embrace in your travel program. Tengzhou is well-known for its tourist lures such as Dragon Spring Pagoda, Mozi memorial hall, Xue State ancient city, North Xin culture site, Teng State ancient city, Mao sui funeral, long hill with clouds, red lotus wet land of Bin lake and Qinglian hill park and so on. Very much interesting place to spend your holidays!

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