Rongcheng - Swan National Nature Reserve

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Rongcheng is China's biggest fishing cities. This is a county level city in Weihai located in the extreme eastern side of Shandong province. The city is having a surrounded border of Yellow Sea. Rongcheng is divided in to 10 sub districts and includes 12 towns under the jurisdiction of Rongcheng. It was emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty who gave the name Rongcheng for the city, which is presently in use. The peninsular city is having a coastal line of 500 kilometers and facing South Korea and Japan on the other side of the sea. The total land area is 1,392 square kilometers.

Major hub for marine products:

The sea port of the city is adjudged as one of the best first class open port in China. Out of 100 cities across China, Rongcheng is positioned in number 13 in terms of revenue generation. Apart from aqua marine products, the city is having intensive presence of industrial activities and production houses for tires, shipbuilding, building materials, food, automobiles and electrical items. Rongcheng fishing port is the largest fishing port in Northern China and also this is the largest fish market in China. Further to the above, Rongcheng is famous for fish farming and variety of products such as sea ranch, kelp, processed fish, abalone etc are being exported from here. The Kelp production share of Rongcheng is standing about 40% of the total production of China. In marine products, Rongcheng place is very much dominant.

Rongcheng Swan National Nature Reserve:

This is one of the mind blowing, mesmerizing locations in Rongcheng one should never miss while visiting Rongcheng. Situated in the remote east side of the Shandong Peninsula, this Natural Reserve Park attracts lots of tourism enthusiasts. Especially, if you are an ardent bird watcher you will love to be here for all the time. This is a haven for migration birds, which cross all the way from Siberia and Nei Mongu to make this as their winter abode. During November to April, lots of birds like swan, wild ducks and goose fly down here. A 100 meter sand dam protects the lake from the sea and converted this place in to thousands of sea and sand bathing locations. This Lake is known as Guardian Chengshan Swan Lake, which is the largest swan habitant in the world.

Legend and myths:

There is a beautiful legend behind the lake. The legend says the lake was formed by the tears of Emperor Qin Shihuang's wife and the swan is the soul of the queen. As per the legend, Emperor Qin Shihuang asked his forces to build a bridge across the island Saxian by filling the sea with sands as he wanted to go to Saxian Island to fetch elixir. The understanding with the queen was to bring food when the gong was sounded. One day a beetle knock down the gong and by hearing the sound the queen arranged food for the King bit earlier. The King was so furious about the incident and he killed the queen. The queen cried a lot and tears formed as Tears of Lake!

Travel Tips:

The city is well connected with Road and Rail network services. The Weihai Wendeng Airport is very near to the city. Hence, the connectivity from all major cities are excellent. In addition to this there are ship services from Incheon and Pyongtake of Korea.

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