Qi Great Wall – The Oldest Great Wall in China

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Qi Great Wall was observed to be the oldest Great Wall in China. This wall crossed the massive land of current Shandong Province and stretched to the east of Qingdao, extending for more than 600 kilometers and covered more than 18 counties and 8 cities of the province. The history of this wall goes to two thousand years ago. This wall was initially built in the autumn and spring, as a defensive protection by the rulers of Qi.
During the Periods OF Spring and autumn, battles augmented and the territories battled with each other for supremacy and land. Qi was the most influential state at that period, reigning for more than a huge area of current Shandong Province. Yet, its supremacy was slowly endangered by Jin and Lu states as these developed to be stronger. Combats amid the states were common and Qi was frequently overpowered. Later, to keep away the attackers, the Qi rulers decided to construct a wall beside the Taishan Mountain where Qi surrounded the further two states.
Though, Chu, which was initially a weak state, arose as a poised power and was a danger to Qi in the north. In reply to Chu's recurrent attacks, Qi constructed one more unit of wall in its northern border. Consecutive sections were built and linked to createaunited fortification.
The Qi wall was built using a system called “rammed earth,” in which labors took carried vast quantities of fine soil to higher areas, and then dynamically crushed the residue (combined with water and possibly a binding agent) to elevations of 15 feet, in few places
Even though the original Qi Wall had been demolished and abandoned, certain remains of it can be discovered nearby China's east Shandong province in parts such as Tai'an, Jinan and Zibo  
The Qi Wall functioned as an instance of the cleverness of the Chinese people.
Current scenario
Though the original Wall of Qi had been ruined, some relics can still be seen in Shandong Province. These days, the ingress area of the Great Wall of Qi has been constructed into a tourism resort. The relics of this wall were measured and identified by the famous archaeologist Li Zhenguang along with his team members recently. He found that the starting point of the wall is situated in the Guangli village, Xiaoli settlement, and Changqing region of Jinan city.
China has accepted a strategy to preserve crucial parts of the Great Wall of Qi in eastern part of the Shandong Province, which are also a known world heritage site and the antecedent of the more renowned Great Wall which is present in the northern part of China. Owing to natural corrosion, mining, construction and reclamation of land, the Great Wall of Qi is in a deteriorating situation. The strategy drawn by Shandong consultants and sanctioned by the central government stretches importance to the protection of 10 strategic units and heritage locations and contains under pinning of extremely dented sections, elimination of vegetation and enhancements to drainage.
Travel Tips:
From Jinan city frequent tourist bus service and regular bus services are available to the Qi Great Wall area.

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