Manchuria Puppet Ministry

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Manchukuo stands for "State of Manchuria". State of Manchuria was a puppet state ruled by constitutional monarchy. The sate was comprised of Northeastern side of China and Inner Mongolia. These areas were altogether called as State of Manchuria. It was the home base of the erstwhile Qing Dynasty, whom where belonged to the ethnic groups the Manchus. Manchus minorities lived in Manchukuo. Manchukuo eight ministry was built in the 1936. This building is also called as "The Manchuria Puppet Eight Ministry", which is located in Xinmin Street of Changchun, in the People's Republic of China.

Used as various ministry administration offices
The eight buildings were used by eight ministries during Puppet Manchuria and were used as the administrative machinery. The ministries were the Military Department, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Agriculture Department, Ministry of People's Livelihood and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All these buildings are constructed as per Western Architectural style. After the People's Liberation Movement, these ministry buildings are converted as Schools, Colleges and Research Institutes.

Military Department: Today, this is the subsidiary of Jilin University. And Bethune First Clinical College of Medicine is operating from here. This building is located in the Xinmin Street. The building was completed in the year 1935 and made of RCC frame structure. Foyer is well designed with ocher colored natural marble, granite canopy platform with railing are provided for added beauty. Ethnic styles architectural design is adopted along with wooden eaves are adorned with green glazed tiles. The structure is having a total area of 53,850 square meters.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Part of the Manchukuo Eight Ministry complex, this structure is located on No. 1122 street. Fully constructed in red hot bricks, it is two story building with basement. Sprawling in an area of 9,700 square meters, this building is constructed by French Pulashimo Company with characteristic reflection French architectural features very much equal to that of Western Architectural patterns. Today, Municipal Cultural Relics Protection administrative offices are functioning from this building.

Ministry of Justice: Bethune Medical Department of Jilin University is working in this building today. Located in the 6th Xinmin Street, this building is in cross shape and made of RCC. The tower of the roof is decorated with blue tiles. Total area of the building is 10,000 square meters.

Ministry of Education: Today, North eastern Normal Primary School is functioning from this building. Located in the No. 10 Free Road, the building has an area of 10,000 square meters.

Agricultural Department: Northeast Normal University Affiliated High School is functioning from this building. Situated on the No.8th Free Road, this is a two storey building with an area of 9,871 square meters.

Ministry of People's Livelihood: Construction work of the building was finished in the year 1937. Situated in 77 Main Street, this building was made in RCC technology and having two storey.

Ministry of Economic Affairs: The Jilin University Bethune Medical Department of the Third Affiliated Clinical Medical College is functioning from this historical building. Situated in the 5th Xinmin Street, the complex is sprawled in area of 43,200 square meters. The entire structure construction is by using reinforced cement concrete technology.

Travel Tips:

Lot of bus services are operating to this area from Changchun city. Entry is free. Surrounded by lush green trees and flowering plants and beautiful lay outs are attractive enough to spend quality time.

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