World Sculpture Park Changchun – The Biggest Sculpture Park in China

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World Sculpture Park Changchun is located in the southern side of Renmin Street, in Changchun, which is the largest city and capital of Jilin Province in People’s Republic of China. The park is spread over an area of 92 hectares, is a modern sculpture park with a combination of natural hill artificial waterfalls and springs. East and West civilization meet here with best of their art forms from traditional to modern sculpture works of varied subjects embodied with peace, friendship and equality.

Represented by Five continents
The park is bestowed with sculpture art work from various sculpture art schools from all over the world and also contributed by distinguished artists on personal capacity. There are 441 sculpture art works displayed in the park which were being created by 397 sculpture artists. These artists are from 212 countries, territories represented from the five continents of the worlds. The massive international representation highlights the need of spirit of peace, love and friendship among the world community.
Friendship Peace Spring
Artists used different mediums for their creations, from steel, brass, copper, concrete, clay and lime stone, marble, hard rock, granite, wood pulp etc. The main art sculpture is a stele depicting the theme 'Friendship Peace Spring’ which is 29.5 meters tall. In this work we can see three girls and a dove which carry the message of friendship, spring and peace.

There is also a large museum of sculptures which is spread about 12,000 square meters. Visiting this museum is a wonderful experience. Most of the art works are simple, yet very much imaginative and strongly communicate with the audience.

Ten important sculpture works
Some of the famous art sculpture works that you can here are, 'Peace' created by Joseph DeAngelis of Canada, 'Window of Spring' by Feng Wei and Feng Qiang of China, 'The Girl Who Lost Her Kite' by Scott Wampler of United States, 'Security Point' by Jorge Luis Santana of Cuba, 'Sirits fountain' by Jesus Moroles of Unites States, 'Friendship Peace Spring' by Ye Yushan, Pan He, Cheng Yunxian, Wang Keqing, Cao Chunsheng of China, 'The Observer' by Javier Abdala Estable of Uruguay, 'The Unseen Helper' of Winslow M. Craig of Guyana, 'First Sphere' by Guo Huaixing of Changchun, China, and Extending Inspiration of Peace' by Mark C. Weisbeck of United States.

Travel Tips:
Modern China's domestic transport system is rapidly improved to meet the highly challenging fast growing tourism industry. Domestic and international tourism is booming like anything and local people are showing extreme interest from moving one area to another area to know study and understand the cultural diversity of the great nation. Also exhibition centers and art show parks are the citadel show piece the growth and cultural enrichment of government and individual artistic talents. Art exhibitions and art parks allow people to understand the outer world, from a close angle.

Changchun World Sculpture Park is opened from morning 8:00 am to evening 4:00 pm during winter and morning 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during summer. Entry fee is CNY 20 per head. Frequent bus services and tourist bus services are available to toe World Sculpture Park. Rail tourist can get down at Jilin Railway terminal and from there can move to the park by taxi or by shuttle bus service.

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