The largest fresh water lake in China - Weishan Lake

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Weishan Lake, which is also known as Nansi Lake is made up of four lakes namely Weishan, Nanyang,Dushan and Zhaoyang Lake.All these four lakes putting together an area of 1,266 square kilometers, is the largest fresh water lake in China which is located in the Weishan County in the southern side of Shandong Province.The lake has a length of 126 kilometers measured across north to south and six to twenty kilometer wide from east to west. Weishan Lake is famous and well known as "One City and Two Hometown".One city is denoted for the city of Chinese Lotus and two home townsare denoted for the water town of Northward and home town of Gureilla in Railway. The eastern side of the Lake touches the feet of mountains and western side sleep on the plains. The scenery from Wei Shan Island is so hilarious and spectacular.The famous Beijing - Hangzhou Canal pass through the lake from north to south and also the north - south river water intersection meet in the lake.

Boating in Weishan Lake:

Boating in the lake will be an entertainingexperience.Lots of well serviced boats are put in to service for visitors who wish to have a ride in the lake. Most of the boats are cozy in appeal, can accommodate a whole bunch of tourists 30 to 40 in a single trip, which is ideal for group tourists.There are also small boats which will cost only CNY 10 to 20 per person.Speed boats are also put in to action, which will be costly somewhere about CNY 500 per son.Moving along the lotus flowers and duck will be a memorable experience.You can find lot of wild ducks, lake fishes, century egg and plenty of lotuses in Weishan Lake.

Weishan lake surroundings are rich in natural beauty. Reed marshes, overlooking mountains with lush forests are all enhances the natural beauty of the lake. One of the spectacular views is the wide pool of blooming lotuses during the season looks like a multicolor carpet spread over the lake.During the lotus blooming season, you can see various types and colored lotus flowers spread all over the lake.The mild fragrance of lotus acts like a spiritual sedation to refresh you all the way.

The lake is an habitant of 78 different kind of fresh water fishes, 74 types of aqua plants, mostly lotus, water caltrop, reed, gogon fruits etc. Further, you can see about 87 different kinds of swimming and water birds and 364 types of planktons.The lake is a natural protected area for birds and geological species. One of the largest lotus producing lake in the world, it is said that revenue generated per day from the lake is equal to the value of a bucket of gold.

Getting to the Lake area:

Well developed transport net work makes it easy for tourists to reach to the lake premises. From Ququ city there are enough bus services to Weishan County and from there you can change to Weishan Lake.It will take two hours to take you to the Weishan lake premises.Tourists, who wish to take train route, can board the Beijing-Shanghai railway and disembark at Xuencheng Railway Station.From there twenty minutes bus journey will take you to Weishan County and Weishan Lake.Hope you are packing!

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