Temple of Confucius

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Kong Miao is also known as The Temple of Confucius, located in Qufu belongs to Shadong Province of People's Republic of China.This is the largest original temple and also the most famous of temples of Confucius, the famous philosopher, in the People's Republic of China. Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher; politician, scholar, editor, mentor and teacher lived between BC 551 to 479, during the Spring Autumn era of Chinese history. Confucius thoughts had greater and significant influence in Chinese society especially following the victory of Han over Chu, which was known as Confucianism. The enduring thoughts and subsequent to its profound effects in the society prompted to construct temples in his name as means of showing respect to this great philosopher. Out of the various temples and landmark locations in his name, the temple at Qufu, the home town of Confucius is the most important temple in his name - Kong Miao.

Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Today Kong Miao is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has been officially recognized as UNESCO WHS since 1994. We can say this is a complex of temple and burial ground, where Confucius and his fellow family members were buried. The Kong Miao and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu all are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.The temple is featuring oriental architectural excellence and located inside the southern gate of Qufu.When we consider the three largest historical architectural complexes in china, Kong Miao share its position along with Summer Palace in Beijing and the Mountain Resort of Chengde.

The temple is spread over 50 acres of land. The temple in the present form was rebuilt during Min and Qing dynasties in 1368-1364 and 1644-1911 respectively.The temple has 9 court yards and built in Royal Palace specifications. The structure includes three ancestral temples, one pavilion, one altar and three halls.With 54 gateways and 466 rooms the complex is having 218,000 square meters in area shows the grandeur of the temple. Its floor and walls are further beautified with yellow tiles and red wall tiles.

Inside the temple, there is a huge statue of Confucius, 53 mammoth steles, 13 stele pavilions and 120 Shengjitu which shreds light to Confucius thoughts and life experience.There is an array of steles numbering to 2,100 steles that includes more than 800 steles displayed outside which are displayed in a stretch of one kilometer from North to South in the complex.

Travel Tips:

Tourists can easily find their way to Kong Miao from the city Qufu. Bus Nos.1 and 5 will take you to the Confucius Temple, the Cemetery of Confucius and Confucius Family Mansion. Whereas Bus No 3 and 5 will take you to the other important places related to Confucius in Qufu area. Admission fee to Kong Miao is CNY 90 per head during March 1to November 14 and from November 15 to February end the fee would be CNY 80 per head.You need to spend one and half hours to two hours to complete the visit. The temple will be opened morning 7:30am to 4:30pm.Indeed an interesting place to visit and experience the ambience of philosophy. 

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