Longkou – Coastal Harbor City with Lot of Activities

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Longkou was earlier known as Huang County. The present name was offered to this place in the year 1986. It is one of the port city and county level city in People’s Republic of China. It is situated in northwest part of the beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula on northern bank of Bohai Bay. Longkou is located in the north eastern part of Shandong province. In western side, it is neighbored by Laizhou Bay and surrounded by several tourist destinations. In eastern side, it is neighbored by Yantai and in western side, it is neighbored by Weifang. The southern side of the city is much closer to Qingdao. Longkou faces Tianjin, Qinhuangdao and Dalian across sea.

Known for pleasant weather
Longkou covers an area of eight hundred and ninety three square kilometers. The length of coastline counts to approximately sixty eight kilometers. The city of Longkou always possesses a typical monsoon climate that of a temperate zone. It is having seasons which are distinguished clearly. The pleasant weather of Longkou attracts millions of people from different parts of the world. The number of travelers to Longkou is increasing every year by a significant number. This place does not have severe cold winter as well as intense hot summer. The yearly mean temperature is nearly twelve degree Celsius. The yearly mean rainfall is five hundred and eighty three millimeters. There is an awesome period which is totally frost free. It will last for more than one hundred and ninety days every year.

Good hiking locations

Longkou is administered by Yantai prefecture level city. The population of this place is just six hundred and twenty thousand. There are mainly five sub-districts and eight towns under the administration of Longkou city. The sub-districts are Longgang Subdistrict, Dongjiang Subdistrict, Donglai Subdistrict, Xufu Subdistrict and Xinjia Subdistrict. The towns of Longkou are Lutou, Zhuyouguan, Huangshanguan, Xiadingjia, Beima, Qijia, Langao, and Shiliang. This coastal harbor city is very attractive. In southern side, it is almost mountainous and tourists love hiking in this place. In northern part of the city, the flat plains appear so lovely. It possesses several low hills in south eastern side and also littoral plains in north western side of the city. Surrounding the city, there are many rivers as well as mountains.

Longkou city is very popular for the production of the delicious cellophane noodles. This city is residence to head office of new dragon Asia Corporation and produces over 1.1 billion instant noodles packages.

Nanshan Mountain Tourist Area

This tourist area is situated in Lushan Mountain of Longkou City. It has so many attractive natural landscapes and stylish grand manmade designs. Nanshan area is the first ever AAAA tourist spot in history of China. It has a culture park and one religious culture park. Across the globe, Nashan great Buddha is biggest sitting Buddha made in bronze tine. It weights three hundred and eighty tons and possesses a height of 38.66 meters. Jade Buddha is biggest ever indoor Buddha. Both these highlights attract tourists to Longkou.
Travel tips

The opening hours are from 7.30 am to 6 pm. One can get bus to reach Nashan Mountain from Longkou City. 

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