Diaoshuihu Scenic Tourist Area – Spending Natural Wonder!

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Diaoshuihu Scenic Tourist Area is located in Shanhe town, Diaoshuihu, which is 91 kilometer away from the busy city of Changchun at in the People's Republic of China. The scenic spot is blessed with dense forests, caves, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. The name Daio Shuihu is given to the location because of the presence of Diaoshuihu Waterfall. The waterfall is having 7 meters height and 10 meters broad and one of the clean waterfall tourists can see in this part of the land.

Karst cave
To add the magnanimity of the area, it has a huge karst cave, which is having 386 meters long and with height of 73 meters. The karst cave is beleived to be formed 300 million years before. The natural karst is having two large halls is a baffling natural wonder. Indeed, surprising beyond our imagination, it is the only type of natural cave tourists can find out in this part of country at this altitude. This is a wonderful location to visit during summer season.

Hanging Kettle
The Diao Shuihu waterfall is also known as "hanging kettle". The water from the waterfall flow like a fountain and while gliding through the cliff it forms like a spray as if tea poured out through the spout of tea kettle. So naturally, people started call it as "hanging kettle". The crystal water spray falling from the heaven like view is a hilarious experience. The seasonal changes and the impacts on waterfall is something mesmerizing to watch. Winter will be bit cold enough, so the best season to visit the area is during summer. That will be a refreshing experience.

Walk through the green corridor
The corridor leading to the gate entrance is long surrounded by green lush forests. Tourist will be tinkered with the emotional feeling of the natural wonders going to unroll in front of them. The extraordinary quite atmosphere, fogy scenes, peaks, stone pavilions, the Kiwi landscapes are something that leave you dumb and you can wandering lost in the scenic area detached from the entire world. You can be just by yourself, no more worries.

At the end of the highest peak there is a gallery 711 meters above the sea level from where tourist can have the panoramic view of the entire valley. From here tourist can see the entry gate, as it is look like giant mouth leading to a natural cave. From here tourist can see the spiral ladder, which is 32 meters height taking people to the magical world of Dongfu. The magical underworld created by nature inside the mountain is a splendid experience to watch!

Travel Tips:

Thanks to the modern travel net work build around Jillian city and Changchun. Tourist can reach to Changchun from any part of the China with much ease. The airport at Jillian is a blessing for international tourists, who wish to fly down directly to Jilin if they wish to visit the Diaoshuihu scenic spot. After reaching Jilin railway terminal or airport terminal it is easy to find your way to Diaoshuihu scenic spot by tourist bus or taxi. Regular bus services are also available on frequent intervals. The entry fee is CNY 30 per head.

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