Confucius Mansion in Qufu

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Confucius Mansion - House for Confucian Progenies

Confucius mansion, also called Shengfu, was the house for Confucian progenies. It is the biggest and splendid mediaeval noble mansion conserved to this day in China and was established in the course of the Ming and Qing lines. It is also recognized as Master Yansheng's Mansion since in the year 1055, or the second year of the rule of Song Empire Ruler Zhaozhen, Kong Zongyuan, male successor of Confucius of the 46th generation, was provided the designation of “Master Yansheng.” The designation was handed down to Kong Decheng, male descendant of Confucius of the 77th generation.

Kong is the family last name of Confucius and his children. This mansion is the place where the first son and the first grandson of Confucius subsisted. In possibility, it is next merely to the royal forts of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) families.

The Confucius mansion or the Kong Family Mansion is a noble mansion and was built by the male progeny at the order of the Grand family. Confucius was a very important philosopher, theorist and teacher in the tenet of world history. In fact, Confucianism is supposed to have been the major philosophy of medieval societies in Japan, China Korea and Vietnam, amongst others.

The mansion is organized in three parts and consists of 9 yards, 463 galleries, towers, and porches, which comprises an entire area of 16 hectares. The Eastern portion of the mansion is the family temple, the Western part is the institute and the Central part is the chief buildings.

The houses beside the middle path are the chief part of the mansion. The first four courtyards comprise of offices and the rest of the five functions as residences. At the back is a garden. Later to the death of Confucius, his progenies have always been living near to the Confucius Temple. After many periods of reconstruction and extension, it has revolved into a characteristic medieval noble mansion uniting official structures with a residence. Casing an area of 120,000 meters, the household mansion now includes more than 9,000 capacities of files from 1534 (the 13th year of the rule of Ming Ruler Jiaqing) to 1948 and huge amounts of unique and valuable cultural and ancient vestiges. Although less grand than the Forbidden City, the Mansion brags luxury fittings, beautiful decorations, and costly ethnic relics. These remnants, some provided by rulers, some offered by high ranking administrators and personages, and some bought at a high price, are the greatest valued resource for study on antique Chinese past and culture.

The Confucius Family Mansion is the biggest of it’s like in Chinese history. In the year of 1994, the Mansion, the Temple of Confucius and the Cemetery of Confucius were registered as World Cultural Heritage structures.
How to reach
You can take the bus route 1 and 3 for the visit. The admission fee is CNY 150 for the total visiting of the mansion, cemetery and the temple. The recommended time of visit is for one and a half hours approximately.

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