Liu Fu Town - One of the Picturesque Locations in Jinan

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 Liu Fu Town - One of the Picturesque Locations in Jinan
Liu Fu town is situated in the Jinan city in China. This entire town covers 87 administrative villages, 5 agencies, 158 natural villages and has a total population of about sixty thousand people. This town covers a total area of about 172.6 square kilometers, of which 240,000 acres comprises of woodland area while the other 54,000 acres comprises of arable land. This beautiful town is located twenty five kilometers away from the city of Jinan. The following are the main attractions of the city.

The Four Gates Pagoda
Situated in Liu Fu, The Four Gates Pagoda is positioned at the north end of Tai Mountain. The lake glaring as mirrors, the plentiful green hills, and the profound caverns contribute to the wonderful scenery. In early times, the antecedents started to live and work on this land. Thus it is famed for its rich traditional remnants. By the advanced portion of the fourth century, “Langgong Temple” (far along named “Shentong Temple”) had been constructed here. Shentong Temple, the first sanctuary in Shandong Area, developed to a Buddhist epicenter in the coming years.

Jiudingta Folk Custom Park 
Situated in Liu Fu Civic in the Licheng Region of Jinan, the Jiudingta Folk Custom Park is twenty six kilometers from the central civic. It contains of numerous parts, counting the, the Amusement Area, Nationality and Folk Custom Area, the Resort Area and a Scenic Area.

The Nationality and Folk Custom Area is an extent assimilating displays of local arts, customary talents, folk traditions and architecture. Sixteen cultural groups are embodied in the park comprising Zhuang, Dai, Miao, Yi, Hani, Nu, Korean, Buyi, Mongolian and Tibetan races and sequence of "villages" has been constructed to validate what a traditional lifetime appears like for people of these principles.

In the rooms there are much domestic stuff from diverse nationalities, used to exhibit the everyday lives and sorts of varied cultures. The zone adjacent to every national area has been constructed to imitate the traditional folk principles of the individual nationalities, and is run by actors and actresses, dispersed athwart the villages to talk about the situations and civilizations of their nationalities, give customary presentations and show the customs of each ethos like the Hani "robbing brides" and Wa "swinging hair".

Numerous cultural relics are dispersed around the park comprising a primeval waterwheel and an ornately engraved totem pole. A stand which can embrace over 1,000 persons middles on a presentation stage. Tourists may even be called to partake in traditional bridal rituals to individually know these ancient means.

Paomaling wildlife Park
Located at the southern mountain part of Jinan, Paomaling environment Park is located in the Liu fu Forest Park. This Park comprises of six parts: forest area, sight-seeing area, herbivores area, service area, animal breeding center and carnivorous animal area. The entire amount of animal in park touches the quantity of10000, counting more than 150 types of species. Likened with other environment Parks, Paomaling wildlife Park not only is the biggest one in China, but similarly in the main class in Asia. Visit this beautiful location!

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