Tai'erzhuang – With Lot of Pride Historic Moments

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Spending holidays and identifying the right location need lot more research. An ideal place, with fun and entertainment that too inexpensive, if you are in search for such a location Tai'erzhuang is the best place one should not miss to visit. Tai'erzhuang is a district under Zazhuang prefecture in People's Republic of China. Situated in the southern side of Shandong Province, this district is a notable tourist location with historical importance. Tai'erzhuang is famous in history and it was here the famous Battle of Taiershuang happened were Chinese Kuomintang army and Japan's army engaged in 1938 during the second Sino-Japanese War. The war location is declared as a national monument in 2006. This sight is also an important tourist location and people shower lot of emotional support in visiting the location.

Taiershuang Ancient Canal:

The ancient canal is located in the ancient town of Taiershuang, located in Zaozhuang city in Shandong province. The city is surrounded by canals and old style bridges, wetland parks, old cannels, temples, various traditional old style buildings and museums. The canal cut through the city and on both banks you can see building, coffee houses, small shops etc. The city lives in a canal life which is a beautiful experience.

The Ancient City of Tai’erzhuang:

The ancient town is located in the bank of Beijing - Hangzhou Grand Canal is part of Zaozhuang city. The famous war site, the battle of Taiershuang is located in this city. It is here the Chinese army successfully put an end to the Japan army's invasion. There are 53 war sites are preserved and opened for tourists. This is also one of the best WWII war preserved sites in the world.

Taiershuang Wars Memorial Hall:

This is one of the emotionally inspiring war memorial halls in the world, located in the junction of Shandong and Jiangsu province. The hall is divided in to three separate halls each depicting, atrocities of Japanese army, the People's war and the anti-Japanese heroes. There are more 3,800 photographs and war materials, including old ammunitions and about 5,000 cultural relics.

Beyond the reasons:

The war was a humiliating experience to the indispensible Japanese army. It was the first major victory by any Chinese army against Japan. The war brought an end to Japanese army's intention to capture Xuzhou, a strategically important major city in the Easters side of China. Under brave Generals Li Zongren and Bai Chongxi, the Chinese troupes encircled the Japanese army in the city of Tai'erzhuang and pulverized them without giving a chance to escape. During the entire operation, the Chinese army captured 719 Japanese soldiers and large quantity of ammunitions that included 1,000 machine guns, 10,000 rifles and various other equipments including vehicles and armored carriers.

The war was a consequence of violation of one year truce agreement between China and Japan. The Japanese army violated the truce conditions and started hunting the retreating Chinese army from the Changhai-Nanjing battle field. It was here the Chinese KMT 5th War regiments engaged with the Japanese army. The Japanese plan was to attack KMT through the Jinpu Railway from the southern and northern side and force KMT to surrender. But the powerfull resistance and meticulous military plan gifted the much deserving victory to the valiant fighters of Chinese army. You can find all the step by step narration of the military movement in the War Memorial Hall. It will be a pride moment for any spirited Chinese to visit this memorial hall and pay homage to those brave soldiers who laid down their precious life to liberate China from Japanese forces.

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