Haiyang - A Prominent Tourist Location

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Haiyang is a coastal city located in Shandong, which is a peninsular province in the eastern part of China. It is situated strategically in the core area of significant tourist trio of Yantai, Qingdao and Weihai. The claim of the city for popularity arises from the vast sea beaches, wetland reserves, national forest parks, and attractive beaches that offeropportunities for yachting. On the second day of October in the year 2006, it was announced that Haiyang was chosen as city to host the Asian Beach games of the year 2012, by Olympic council of Asia in Doha. It is well known for being the spot of a new nuclear power plant.
Japan and South Korea across the sea
Haiyang lies on coastline of Pacific Ocean in its western side. It is a city with county tier status and is under the three tier system of administration in land of China. The population of the city is estimated to be more than six hundred and ninety thousand. It also spans more than one thousand eight hundred and eighty six square kilometres in terms of area along the largest peninsula of China that faces Japan as well as South Korea across Yellow sea. Haiyang is very famous for the primitive beauty which is being discovered newly. It is a well known destination for the various beach sports with the two hundred and thirty kilometres coastline. The typographical as well as climatic features of this city are almost similar to that of Scotland. During the earlier decades, Haiyang city has rapidly turned to be a top rated summer resorts as well as paradises for vacation in the whole China and north eastern part of Asia to a great extent.
The city of Haiyang was initially settled with the Laiyi people who are ethnic minority group in China, about two thousand three hundred years back. It was then annexed completely into China over several decades of wars and dynasty rule. It was under Qi Kingdom administration consecutively in the Warring period and under province of Jiaodong in the period of Qin dynasty. In the period of Yuan, Song and Tang dynasties, it was under Laizhou prefecture and under Dengzhou prefecture during Ming dynasty period.
Ocean and Sun
Haiyang is having a nickname – West Pacific Paradise. To a certain extent, the reason for this is the literal meaning of the name that is Ocean and Sun. In northwest and northeast, this city is surrounded by Laoshan and Kunyu mountain ranges respectively. It offers the most excellent facilities nationwide for leisure resorts as well as beach sporting, which includes yachting Clubs, Sand carving parks, Tiger beach golf courses, sailing events, beach volleyball club, music festival, seaview gardens, beach basketball club, Japanese village, terrains, national forest park, Coast film park, Phoenix wetland reserve, and more.
About eighty kilometres off the seashore in Haiyang, there are rocky islands too. The vacation facilities are splendid in the entire city. This mesmerizes the travellers and invites more an more tourists people to Haiyang every day.
Travel tips

Haiyang can be visited anytime. Haiyang port is an easily accessible spot. Bus services are available regularly to the city. With construction of Haiyang-Jimo cross-sea bridge as well as Yantai-Haiyang expressway, the city is on progressive work to join the tourism golden triangle of Shandong Peninsula.

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