Zoological and Botanical Garden of Changchun

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Zoological and Botanical Garden of Changchun is located in the southeastern side of Changchun, in the People's Republic of China. The garden is sprawled over 74 hectares land which has developed in to artificial pool, springs, bridges, isolated locations, and special zones for animals, birds and plants. From the People’s square it is 3 kilometers away and from People's street it is located at walking distance of just 500 meters.

Damaged during liberation movement
The construction of the garden work started during 1938 and the first phase of the garden stretch was completed in the year 1940. It was known as the First Zoo in Asia, in size, in different kind of plants, in number of various species of animals and birds. During the Liberation of Changchun, the park was extensively damaged and it’s lost its charm. After having the power with the People's Republic of China, the Changchun Municipality took initiative to reconstruct the park and lot of men, material and fund had been pumped for the project. The complete reconstruction of the park was finished by 1984 with a new face and renewed aggression.

Landmark in Changchun
The reconstructed Zoo and Botanical garden of Changchun is today is the landmark area in Changchun and also the tourism icon of Changchun promoting tranquility and international appeal. It was officially submitted the public on September 15, 1987 and is a major tourist attraction center in Changchun.

The park is having three divisions. An artificial lake constructed as part of renovation works, divide the park in the plant, animal and bird sections respectively. Inside the park everything is recreated by artificially to look natural and as a result, tourists can find lot of seasonal migration birds, which use this botanical garden as their transit point. Lots of exotic flowers, rare herbal plants, endangered species of birds and animals can be seen in the botanical garden cum zoo.

The park is a typically land based complex focused in providing maximum entertainment to the tourists. The landscape engineering skills are a clear example how detailed in design importance has given while building each inner section of the garden. As already stated the park is divided in two three division with the help of an artificial lake, the eastern part is specifically dedicated for birds and animals. The flora and fauna of birds and animals combined to have about 200 different species make it as an animal kingdom. The western mountain side is an artificial plant location, where tourist can see wide verities of plant kingdom. In the northern part is located the botanical garden.

Mobility to the garden

Important cities close to Changchun is Harbin and Shenyang. Tourist can find out easy transport service from all over the major cities to Changchun by bus, train and air. From the city tourist can board to bus No. 112 or 124 which will take you up to Wenchang Lu stop and from there it is only some walking distance. Another important landmark in this area is the zoo is located exactly opposite to Northeast Normal University. The garden is opened between 8 am to 5 pm.

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