Jingyue Pool - The Sparkling Emerald Pearl

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Jingyue pool – the Sparkling Emerald Pearl

Jingyue pool, widely known as the Moon Lake National scenic Area is situated in the southeastern part of Changchun city in People’s Republic of China. It spreads up to 200 square kilometers and is about 12 kilometers away from the proper city. It is well-known for its reservoirs and the natives eulogize the pool here as "Sparkling Emerald Pearl" and repute it as a sister to Riyue (The Sun and Moon) Pool which is located in Taiwan. The area has Yutain and Jingyue towns, the Cinema City of Changchun, and 119 peaks of mountains. Cultivated lands are present for hundred square kilometers; there are forests for ten square kilometers, and water for 4.3 square kilometers. Jingyue Pool was so christened since the pool appears similar to a crescent moon when a dam was constructed to recollect water. It comes to be famous for its charming scenery of green mountains and flawless water.

Tourist attractions
Jingyue pool has become a scenic resort and a National Forest Park area where travelers go for tourism, recuperating, leisure, and other reasons. Services, comprising a first-class skiing ground, have been erected to attract vacationers and winter sports admirers.

Jingyue Pool was recognized as a State-level Scenery area by the Council of State in the year 1988, and was registered as a Forest Park of State in the year 1989. The region is home to an 80-square-km simulated forest built of over 30 species, generating a charming forest section and a good ecological structure that creates a wider-ranging botanic sampling bank. Jingyue Pool claims pleasant cultural remnants in its northern portion, like location of the Qing Line and the undamaged antique tomb at Shibei Hill. By Luming Village, the visitors can also find 48 European houses in diverse forms. In Luyuan (also known as deer garden), there are deer to charm the tourists. It is a decent place for visiting the attractions in spring, absconding from the intense heat of summer, praising the red tints of autumn and for sports of winter.

Enticing sceneries
The range also entices a great figure of sightseers to the 5-km-long ski teaching ground at the bottom of Dajia Mountain, the forest-bathing seashore north of the mountains of Shiyang Shihu, and the country‘s biggest ski slope. It is the city‘s visitors haven, and a perfect location to spend a vacation. The ecological system of this area is regarded as best of the entire Asia. The natural resources and mineral contained in this area is also very rich. The beautiful environment, pleasant and fresh air, rich natural resources and beautiful scenery will mesmerize you and make you fall in love with the place.

How to reach
The Jingyue Pool is about a distance of twenty three kilometers from the Changchun airport and at a distance of 16 kilometers from the Changchun railway station. There are three highways present along the region, hence you can take a car to the location. However, if you want to travel cheap, small buses are directly available from the downtown area directly. 

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