Yishui County

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Yishui County is located in the province of Shandong under the administration of Linyi prefecture level city. The elevation of this tourist destination is one hundred and sixty three meters. This county is situated specifically in foothills area of Shandong province. As per census reports of 1999, it has only population of one million one hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred and twenty seven. Recently the Administration of National Tourism in China has issued the notice of determination of 2nd list of Chinese tourism standardization demonstration unit. It occurred on twelfth of June in the year 2014. The Brigade general office in China has rated Yishui County as the National tourism Standardization demonstration county by National Tourism Administration. This county stands first in the whole of Shandong Province as per the terms of tourism standardization.

Infrastructural developments
From March 2012, Yishui County was chosen to be one among the 8 pilot counties in second batch which keeps all standards of tourism. The government of Yishui County has attached much significance to the county’s establishment. The main leaders of Yishui County have taken great initiatives in leading the group. An amount of one hundred and twenty five million Yuan is invested in order to construct one tourism center and various other attractive features of tourism such as visitor center in special Yimeng style, forty two star tourist toilets, and pedestrian as well as traffic oriented systems, fourteen tourist roads, and more.

The tourism development project of Yishui County is initially in a phase of preparing a very standardized standard system in which there is introduction of spa tourism with great service quality. The revised regional standards are dealt in detail in all terms in every nook and corner of Yishui County. The people of the county as well as one engaged in tourism and hospitality services within the county are offer standard training courses. These courses are even carried out over eight times publicity with several experimental units to keep up the standards.

Standardized customer services
In the year 2013, Yishui group has introduced the first light emitting diode night time system specially oriented to pedestrians in order to cover the tourism system of county in the most excellent way. This system has set car companies, passenger and travel agencies, tourist hubs, and more. It connects at almost all chief locations in Yishui County, hotels, tourist centers, science museums, supermarkets, etc. Customer services are standardized to the fullest in a highly positive manner thought the guidance system which will help each and every visitor in the county.

Top tourist destination

The tourism standardization of Yishui County is such that it leads the entire industry of tourism by leaps as well as bounds as a chief force. The appreciative shift in comprehensive tourism promotion has attracted millions of travelers from different parts of the world to Yishui County every year. The integration of more industries also welcomes greater number of people to the county. Never miss the hospitality of Shandong province, particularly Yishui County! The tourism branding is brought mainly by the Yishui love long which has created a great tourist destination image. Hurry up!

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