Changchun Film Studio – Presently Changchun Film Studio Group Corporation

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Changchun Film Studio, currently known as Changchun Film Studio Group Corporation, which is a Chinese film production company located in Changchun, in Jilin province, People’s Republic of China. The studio has started it production works dated back to 1940 and is considered as the pioneer enterprise which was actively engaged in feature and commercial film productions. After the establishment of People's Republic of China, in 1950 it has become a state owned film production unit and concentrated in the production of movies and government propaganda releases aimed to promote awareness and government policies in the common people.

Re constituted to a corporation
In the year 2000, Changchun Film Studio converted in to a corporation and re-christened as Changchun Film Studio Group Corporation and started producing commercials, feature films, movies, documentaries and TV series. The company is providing direct employment for 3000 people in various sectors and helping indirect employment related to film production and associated works.

It is a sad state of situation to note that the studio has been losing its charm having faced stiff competition from the Hong Kong and Hollywood production houses. The state controlled board was hardly competent to produce the kind of script and technical capabilities to match with the main stream production houses owned and controlled by private enterprises. To revitalize the production and streamline the activities, the board opened its door to the public and created an extension which is called the Movie Palace. Here the new Chinese movies are being produced in lieu of the documentaries and pro government policy themed operas being created by Changchun Film Group Corporation. The Movie Palace was successful in producing some of the finest films. Tourists can have rare opportunity to meet their favorite film stars and will have the chance to see the various studio sets being created for the production of films. Palaces, forts, castles and artificial sceneries are created here, that were being used to shoot many Chinese classics.

Summary History:
After the Second World War, the Manchukuo Film Associated split in 1946 and the studio equipments used to create Yan'an Film Studio and the Northeast Film Studio. During the War of Liberation, in 1949, the studio moved to Changchun. Thought it was established in 1950, by 1955 all its operation ceased and the Ministry of Culture recreated it as "Changchun Film Studio".

Travel Tips:

Film stars, film sets and shooting are always fascinating experience for anybody loves to see. Today the film city is one of the favorite tourist destinations in China and tourists can easily reach to the location from the Jilin city. Thanks to the improved transport net work developed in Jilin City and Province. From the Jilin Railway Terminal it is easy to find out bus service or tourist services to the film city. Also, it is easy to move in taxi. The taxi rate will be about CNY 15 per cab.  Entry of the film city is against gate pass, which is CNY 70 per head. The ticket allows you to watch a complimentary show which can be used for the Circular Theatre or any regular movie theater spread in the complex. Changchun Film Studio cordially welcomes you!

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