Nanhu Lake of Changchun

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Nanhu Lake Park in Changchun city is the largest park in Changchun of People's Republic of China spread over 220 hectares of land. The Lake is having an area of 93 hectares. The rest of the areas are used for developing the park, with various amusement items, theme park, water sports, artificial waterfalls, sprints, meadows, green plants and flowering plants of various types. The work of the park was completed in 1993. Nahu Lake Park is located in the southwest side of Changchun city. This park is the second largest garden park in China and first place goes to Summer Palace.

Arch bridge to connect the mainland
At the center of the lake is an island which is connected with the mainland with an arch bridge. Also there is a pavilion for visitors, who can comfortably spend their time and three bridges. The park is having densely planted various types of trees, shrubs and meadows. Fifty percentage of the park is covered with plants and various types of trees. Fishing is one of the best leisure tourist activities most people love to engage in to. Further you can be occupied by engaging in to boating and swimming. The water is crystal clear and clean.  

Folk cultural entertainment
The park is always very active with various cultural and social programs. Especially during midsummer to early autumn, there will be light festivals and other recreation activities. Folk cultural entertainment will be a highlighted event you can watch during the peak season. In winter season, the park is fully engaged with ice sports. Sledges pulled by dogs or camels will be so much amusing to watch and you can be part of the sport. The beauty of the park is such that you will have all kind of entertainment related to the season.

Nanhu is not a concrete jungle. This makes it a unique destination when comparing to other city suburban park. The winter season is heavily busy with winter related sports. The water in the lake will be frost till one meter down. Tourist can take the opportunity to skate on the surface of the lake.

Chinese foods are world famous. The cooking style is entirely different than any other types of food. In the Nanhu Park area you can enjoy the delicious Chinese chicken marinated with Ginseng. Ginseng is special item added while cooking in the Northeast China. To prepare Ginseng Chicken, tender chicken are generally used. Generally it will be less than one year old and the Ginseng shall be stuffed inside the chicken. Another type of chicken is chicken cooked with Maotai wine. This dish will be having the famous Chinese wine drink Maotai which is a delicious sumptuous dish. The foods are typical fusion food of Chinese and Korean. Apart from Chicken, other delicacy tourists can try the White Fish dishes. The fish is steam cooked and taken with soup or dry steamed without soup. Also you can have the popular desert known as the 'Sweetened red bean paste'.

Travel Tips:
Changchun is a well developed city and from here you can have regular buses or tourist buses to the Nanhu Park. Excellent connectivity from all major cities to Changchun makes your trip the most memorable one. 

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