Jiaonan Scenic Resort Region

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Situated on the west coast of Qingdao, the city of Jiaonan has an entire area of 1,870 square kilometers, a full population of 860,000 persons and 131 kilometers of shoreline. Lang Yatai, which was enumerated as one of the nationwide main scenic spots and a provincial-level scenic visitor resort region, is in Jiaonan. And Dong Jiakou has come to be a novel port of Qingdao. Jiaonan emphases on evolving machinery producing, foodstuff, medicines, rubber tires, electronic machines and other environmentally friendly energy equipment and traditional competitive industries, ship marine engineering, electronic information, and other flourishing industries.
Jiaonan is one of the early open coastal cities approved by the nation. It has long history and splendid culture. It is renowned as the east famous land in the past. Jiaonan, as the satellite city of Qingdao, has become a highlight area for investors in and abroad, for its superior location advantages and investment environment.
Jiaonan belongs to seaside low hill part; the coastline is 138km;16 large bays like the, Tangdao Bay, Jiaozhou Bay; natural harbors like the Xiaokouzi, Jimiya,Yangjiawa, Dongjiakou, Gongkouand around 10 islands.
Main attractions
Langyatai Scenic Area-situated about26 kilometers southwest of the seashore in Jiaonan City, it is the first lot of crucial national scenic part, mostly comprising of Xufu Temple, Sculptures of Xufu Sailing East, Longwan Bathing Beach, Xufu Commercial Street, Tourist Service Centre, etc.
Location: Langya Municipality in Jiaonan City

Dazhushan Mountain Scenic Area- situated at Dazhushan Settlement in Jiaonan City, it comprises an extent of 65 square kilometers with its chief peak Dazhai of 486 meters overhead the level of sea. It is famous for its Zhushan Forested Valley and outmoded festival celebrated on the mountain.
Location: Shimen Temple Scenery location in Dazhushan Settlement in Jiaonan City

Haiqing Tea Plantation- situated 8 kilometers northern of Haiqing Civic and in the vicinity of Cuilong Ridge; this Team has won many prizes in Expo at Shandong County, state and global level.
Location: Haiqing Settlement in Jiaonan City 
Lingshan Island Scenic Area- Situated in the Lingshan Harbor in Jiaonan City, it is famous for its fine fishery resources about the isle, which thrives in fish and shell and is appropriate for fishing and gathering shell. It is a famed resort for tourism, escapade, relaxation and undergoing isle life.
Location: Jimiya Haven in Jiaonan City
Jiaonan City Museum- this Museum is an inclusive museum on the 5,000-year past of China. It has illustrative culture remnants from each age of China and is particularly identified for its ruins from the pre-Qin Dynasty age. It has two exhibition galleries open to the people, the folk traditions and the boutique hall and relics hall. The relic’s exhibition hall and folk customs displays everyday supplies ever since the Qing Dynasty. The boutique hall shows culture remnants discovered in Jiaonan, screening the brilliant Lang Ya culture.
Location: Wenhua Road, Jiaonan City

Travel Tips:

The transportation is very convenient. It is 70km away from Qingdao Liuting Airport, 20km from Qingdao Qianwan Port.

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