Water Curtain Gap - Shandong Province

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The Water Curtain Gorge Scenic region is situated in mountainous region of south Jinan in ecotourism town of Shandong province, near to the Liu port. The beautiful area covers nearly six thousand acres. It has lot of waterfall groups, lush trees, peaks, canyons, and more. The mountain gorge is very deep. The first peak of Jinan City, Ladder Hill is located in this area. The first Craspedacusta of Shandong also called as Quancheng is situated in Water curtain gap. It is an original vegetation region which is well protected with real ecological elements. Millions of people from different parts of the world visit water curtain gap to view the beautiful spring scenery.
Perfect eco tourism environment
The curtain waterfalls, rugged rocks, wandering pool, contention streams in nearby forests, vegetations and more are loved by the tourists. A pure and perfect eco-tourism environment is seen in this region. It fully surrounded by mountains. The old Qi Great Wall is close by which is linked with several myths and beautiful legends. The scenic region attained great attention from the year 2001 when over two thousand million Yuan was invested in order to develop and build the project. A park was constructed inviting millions of tourists across the globe. The huge sums being spent has turned the spot to be categorized as a 4A level attractive region of China during the second expansion phase.
Dynamic leisure features
There is a very clever combination of cultural atmosphere as well as ecological features in this area in order to enhance the scenic features. To offer better experience to visitors, new projects are built to provide dynamic leisure like rafting, various entertainment projects, Aqua stones’ divisions, ecological health, outdoor adventures, recreation activities, cultural and religious activities, outdoor adventure, many parks promoting tourism, accommodation and catering facilities, conference reception and more.
Curtain scenic gorge is having several specialties. It has first Great Falls group of Jinan, first peak named ladder hill in Jinan, biggest wild herbs treasury of city, Grand Canyon - nine 19 Gap of Jinan, and natural Stone Mountain tourist attractions of the painting.
Scenic 5 functional regions
There are specifically 5 scenic functional regions here. They are area for recreation, ecological health district, aqua rocks district, outdoor recreational area, and cultural cum religion area. There is a park for children and they have special water features. It provides great leisure to children with its distinct water stages that are categorized into swimming area, leisure area, etc. The area offer maximum joy of water. In the ecological health district, one can see collection of jellyfishes. There are several hotels, rest houses, teahouses, bamboo house, etc that support the people visiting the spot. Modern facilities are provided here to maximize the levels of entertainment.
In Aqua rocks District, one can find Tarzan rocks of Taishan Mountains. The Feng Shui Curtain Gap piece is extra ordinarily nostalgic. The Water curtain gap is perfect spot for adventurous activities. The well protected pristine vegetation and several uncommon species of herbs can be seen here.
Travel tips

Water Curtain Gap in Shandong Province can be visited anytime. Flight and train services are available to Shandong province. 

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