Changchun World Landscape Park – the Largest Landscape Park in Northeastern Province

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Changchun World Landscape Park is one of the largest parks of its type located in Changchun city in the two Quannongshan Town district in People's Republic of China. The park is spread over 138 hectares of area and brings together 40 countries in the world. The beauty of park is such that this is a well known natural landscapes make it as one of the attractive landscape parks in China. Eastern and Western landscapes are prepared here to show case the various diverse cultural identities of each civilization and of course one of the mind blowing sceneries one would like to see always. The landscape projects targeted to highlight the human civilization and developments.

Experience the four seasons
Tourist can enjoy and experience the four seasons such as summer, springs, autumn and winter. The winter snow Gordon House is sterling example to witness the winter wonders. The exact location of the park can be marked 16 kilometers southern side of Changchun - Jilin railway station. This is a 2A grade tourism center. The entire one third of northeastern province is brought under this project and created 58 wonderful natural scenic spots.

What you could achieve in visiting this land park?
Lots of focuses are given in developing the land park as a home to expose the cultural diversity of various civilizations. Tourists will be having entertainment facilities and good eat out locations. For children, amusement park is a blessing to spend quality leisure time. Visiting the park would be a real fun and entertainment experience. What you could achieve in visiting this land park? You would be really surprised to realize that you are interacting with nearly 40 various civilization in a day that is next impossible if you take a tangent route by roaming the globe. You may have to spend month or months to complete your journey and more passing through various immigration check points and looking for accommodation.

A complete fun and entertainment package is what any tourism promotion center can offer to you, if you approach for tourism package to Changchun World landscape Park. If you can arrange an English speaking guide, then foreign tourists won't have any problem to understand and how to move around. The artificial thick forest and orchards can offer excellent cool shade covering during summer and flowers during spring and fruits during autumn. In winter the visuals of, leafless trees still breathing with fresh air, and ice drops in the braches would be the finest moment in your life, while you visit this wonderful land of wonders.

Sorting and recreations
Finest array of sporting and recreation events are top class and world standard. The land park is having the largest karding car playground in the north eastern province. Boating and fishing are another entertainment engagement that a tourist can experience. The Liyuan vocational village offers you one of the best resigning experience. Relax your time by enjoying the delicious sea food and continental delicacies. So far more than 700,000 tourists have visited this park.

Travel tips:

From Jilin City, you can hope in to any regular tourist bus or line service which will take you to the gate of the World Landscape. Alternatively, you can engage a taxi to reach to the location. Tourist will have the rare and unique experience in walking through the modern and ancient civilization. Also tourists will have the rare chance to mingle with east and western civilization. A complete replica of world civilization and human evolution to the modern society will make you spell bound. Such is the presentation and engineering design structure of the land park.

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