Furong Ancient Street - An Ancient Commercial Street

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Furong Street is an ancient commercial street located in Jinan, Shandong Province in the People's Republic of China. The street was beleived to be built during 1368-1644 of Ming Dynasty. The street rose to its peak of commercial importance during the last Ming Dynasty and also during the early ruling period of Qing Dynasties between 1644 to 1911. Furong is actually the name of a spring which was located in the center of the street. Hence the street got the name Furong Street.

The best street on which to taste snacks in Shandong
The street was abuzz with hectic business activities during the two Dynasties and so many wealthy merchants settled along the street. The old glory of the street is still maintained by concentrated efforts of the administration and a new breed of commercial entrepreneurships. Today you can find lot of eat out locations, where you will get delicious Chinese foods. The street is better known as "the best street on which to taste snacks in Shandong!"

At the beginning of the street we can see the Confucius Temple in the northern side and in the southern end it meets at Quancheng Street. The street is 6 meters wide and having 432 meters long. In its ancient good old time, it has been observed that the street was selling mainly brush, ink stick, ink slab and writer paper which is known as "scholar's four jewels." It was also famous for selling paintings works and calligraphic works.

Quan city
The city Jinan is famous for springs and there are 72 springs to add its glory. Due to this simple reason Jinan is also called as City of Springs or "Quan city" in Chinese. At 69 Furong Street is located Furong Spring and this spring is located in the center of the street. In the olden days, especially during Qing and Mind dynasties the Furong Spring was the main water supply source for the locals.

De Palace
The De Palace was located in the eastern side Furong Street and was the ruling center during Ming Dynasty. It was renovated during Qing dynasty and many local government offices started functioning from here. As part of continued development of the street, there were lots of shops and hotels constructed along the street and it became a commercial hub.

All modern and traditional foods available in the street
Today tourist throng to the street to taste the local delicacies and also to see the old residential buildings. The local food is so delicious and more and more people are getting attracted to visit the location just because of the food quality. The streets would be quite busy during mealtime. Apart from local foods, tourist can have almost all types of Chinese cuisines from here along with the international delicacies. You will have a rare chance to taste the Chinese Roasted Duck or even can try Youxuan. Youxuan is a golden dough cake, a local delicacy known for its superb taste and quality.

Travel Tips:
From Jinan city it is easy to reach to the old street. Just a walking distance from the city to street along the thoroughfare will be an exciting experience. The promenades are having lot of Hibiscus plants on the side of the pathways. The city sceneries are so beautiful and you can have quality experience.

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