Terracotta Warriors of Weishan

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Terracotta Warriors of WeiShan is a popular tourist destination. It is situated in Weishan which is in western side of Zhangqiu city. Specifically the Terracotta Warriors of Weishan is in Campagna which is mountainous region at a height of two hundred and five meters. The southern part of Weishan city is neighbored by northern part of Tai Yishan and possesses few hills near Piedmont. The elevation of this spot is not considered much high. It stands well around in plain alpine area. In the year 2001, the government of town invested one hundred and thirty million Yuan in restoring Weishan town and its scenic areas. Out of this amount, forty million Yuan was used in order to build a sacred well square and also to restore a popular temple.
Relics of Han Dynasty
In the year 2002, the entire attractive spots in Terra Cotta Warriors of WeiShan were planted with trees. There are lots of burial pits of the Han dynasty here. The cultural remains of the place is well protected by the town government and people. The potteries found in Weishan are protected by the cultural department of Shandong province under the administration of Ji'nan Municipal Cultural Bureau. The Shandong Provincial Institute of cultural relics and archaeology as well as Ji'nan Municipal Institute of archaeology has taken great efforts to restore and maintain all cultural remains of Terracotta Warriors of Weishan. The collective works of archeological team are evident here. The burial pits of Han dynasty had undergone salvage excavations years before. This led to the exploration of three burial pits, namely, one for the chariot pits, second for the owner of tomb, and third for sarcophagus.
Lots of excavated items
One can find several wooden boxes which have bones scattered in them, unearthed pots made of clay and many other artifacts in this spot. There are lots of arrow sticks which were used by people of that period. The pits located in northern and southern part are nearly 9.7 meters in length, 1.9 meters in width and 0.7 to 0.9 meters in terms of height. From south towards north, there are figurines of pit chariot soldiers. Each pit has several remains that count from four hundred to five hundred. As the pit cover has collapsed in many, horses, figurines, and more are seen to be broken seriously. The pit relics contain over one hundred and seventy figures, and over fifty horses, four pottery horse carriage, many pottery vessels, etc. Moreover, other excavations were building drum, jade, drum line, pearl and other pottery remains that are related to certain ritual systems in China.
The pits found in Weishan are in fact the first large pit discovered from the period of Han dynasty. It is recognized as a very significant archaeological discovery. The unearthing of Terracotta Army has attracted lot many people to visit China.
Travel Tips

One can visit Terracotta warriors of Weishan during any period of time. It is a perfect place for the people who are interested in doing archeological research studies. Train, bus and taxi services are available to support the travelers 24 hours. 

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