Shengli Park - The Victory Park of Changchun

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Shengli Park in Changchun Province is the oldest park in China. Located in the intersection of Beijing Dajie and Renmin Dajie, the park is famous for the rare collection of 5,000 verities of water lilies. The park is spread over 230,000 square meters. Built in 1915, the park has a total surface area of 13,000 square meters.

The park consisting of animal zone, flower and plant zone, gold fish area, lotus and water lily pond, children's recreation area and lot of other amusement and entertainment facilities. Focusing on the tourists and accompanying children and family members a complete world of leisure activities and long stay faculties for relaxing environment are created. Large meadows, artificial waterfalls, springs and domestic trees and flowering gardens make the park a wonder experience for the tourists.

Well designed promenades
The promenades are beautifully designed with green willows and rose vines on the side ways. The season changes between summer and winters creates the natural impacts clearly visible and is enjoyable here. Annual ice and ice lantern exhibition and other seasonal festivals are other important actives tourist can witness here. Tourists are advised to go through the event calendar and fix their touring programs in accordance. Never miss these wonderful celebrations.

Adolescents will have true fund experience in this park. Aesthetically designed children's recreation areas consisting of spacecraft, electric switch horses, large rotating shuttles, large air bags, Zigzag tunnels etc are few of the facilities. Apart from these items, there are quite lot of amusement items and water theme based activities are also arranged exclusively for children.

More than 500,000 flowering plants
In the garden section, there are about 500,000 flowering plants planted in clay/mud pots. You can see some of the rare flowering plant species here, which are horticulture with the finest technical skills under the skillful supervision of the employees. Plants from all over the world are displayed here. It is unique experience to watch flowering plants from different part of the world under one roof. Fascinating experience.

In the aqua section, there are about 30 different species of fresh water fishes along with ornamental fishes. Also, in the animal zoo section there are about 500 animals from 50 different kinds of species. The recreation facilities, flower plant area, animal zoo section and aqua section are altogether spread about 230,000 square meters. Each and every corner of the park is well maintained. Cleanness has given top priority. Littering is strictly prohibited. Park attendants are available to check your requirements. Internal mobility is made easy by the introduction of electric car, which is deployed keeping in mind to keep the park a "green house"...

Great efforts are done to create the environment conducive for animals and fishes. Side by side, there are groceries and tea/coffee stalls along with kiosks that serve refreshments. You will never feel tired of visiting the park. Victory Park is certainly an entertainment center.

Travel Tips:

Jilin is well connected with road, rail and air net work. Tourist will get good connectivity services from all major cities of China to Jilin. Once reached at Jilin it is easy to move to the Shengli Park. There are lots of tourist buses services are operating to the park. 

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