Qingdao University - A Well Recognized University

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Qingdao University is located in the eastern seaside city of Qingdao in the country, China. The university surfaces the Mount Fushan as its setting and Yellow Sea to its south making lovely academic scenery. Established in the year 1924, what was initially a private college has currently bloomed into a well-recognized university. The university delivers a varied choice of disciplines and is attributed to award students with masters, bachelors and doctorate grades and degrees. With a total number of twenty five colleges, Qingdao University provides 94 diverse undergraduate courses. The graduate school is made up of 35 doctoral courses and 178 master’s courses. Presently, more than 40,000 pupils are registered at this university. Over 1,000 global students from more than 40 different nations now study at Qingdao University every year.
Qingdao University is an official HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Center for testing purpose (the chief Chinese proficiency test and conducts HSK tests at various levels comprising HSK Elementary, HSK Basic-Intermediate, and HSK Advanced. The Overseas Chinese Bureau of the State Council has chosen the University as an “Education Center of Chinese Culture and Language”. Qingdao University is nowadays an epitome of excellence in Chinese linguistic and culture teaching. The undergraduate program comprises of more than seventy three specialties like economics, law, philosophy, management, literature, natural sciences, history, engineering, education and so on. There are 25 provincial major disciplines, engineering research hubs, laboratories and 66 fields with master and doctor programs. In furtherance, there are 7 specialized master’s degree courses in Business Management, law, Engineering, Public Health, clinical medicine, Public Administration and dentistry correspondingly.
The University tops the country in studies on Pre-Qin Dynasty literature, Luxun’s works, Nutrition and Protection and Natural Pigment Withdrawal, Super Low Temperature Cornea Freezing, Non-linear Excitation Computer Regulator Systems. The University also has collaboration with many local and municipal initiatives and has formed specialty research institutions with Hisense, Haier, Double Star and Blue Goose. 
International Exchange Programs
International exchange programs has been formed by Qingdao University with over 170 universities in more than 20 countries and areas, comprising the USA, Germany, UK,Japan, , Russia, Korea, Canada, India, Australia etc. It is amongst the only two Universities with the major to register overseas students in Shandong. 
Qingdao University contains an area of 3.8 km² and covers five campuses in various zones of Qingdao, with the key campus situated in the east portion of Shinan District. More than 100 research labs, research facilities and teachings are well fortified. The library of the university houses an assortment of over 3,550,000 volumes of books.
The university has more than 37000 pupils, from which above 5,000 are master's students, and more than 1,000 are global students. Ever since 1980, Qingdao University has accepted more than 10,000 students from over 60 countries. The university likewise has a group of famous scholars acknowledged at home and overseas, of which 900 are lecturers. There exists 23 academicians (together with aide academicians) who are associates of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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