Lingyan Temple of Jinan

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Tourism plays an important role in cultural integration. By promoting tourism, it helps people to understand the various cultural intricacies and gives an opportunity to under the differences from a close angle. Ever since China has opened its door for tourism and foreign direct investment, an overwhelming influx of tourism inflow in to the country is being witnessed.Each and every corner of China has something new to the world that characterized the rich dynamic historical wonders. Temple Mountains, Pagodas, Mountain Parks, Natural Resorts, beautiful beaches, Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City etc., are few among them. Lingyan Temple is one of the historically important, Buddhist temple situated in Jinan, in Changqing District of Shandong Province.

Temple of Spiritual Rocks
The literal meaning of Lingyan Temples is, "Temple of Spiritual Rocks".This temple is located 20 kilometers to the northern side of Tai'an city. Lingyan temple is constructed during Eastern Jin Dynasty and its fame had reached to its peak during the Northern Wei Dynasty.This was called the "first of the four most famous Chinese Temples" during the Tang and Song Dynasty and on those days, lots of pilgrimswere thronged in to this temple. The temple is located in the valley of Taishan range and surrounded by beautiful scenic location.Lots of trees and secluded areas added its glory.Pilgrims used to visit these areas for solitude and salvation.

Pizhi Pagoda
Important structure in the temple complex is the Pizhi Pagoda which was beleived to be built in 11th century.Also you can find a beautiful bronze Buddha statue made during Ming Dynasty in the Thousand Buddha Hall.Further there are about 40 well painted full size clay statue luohan of Song Dynasty. There are lots of small and large constructions, statues, carved out structures you can see in the complex. Some of the important structures are the Thousand Buddha Hall, Pizhi Pagoda and the Forest of Tombs.In the main hall, what attract you most is the statue of Sakyamuni along with two of his favorite disciples, Ananda and Kasyapa.

Creative art works
The life size, beautifully colored statutes are created with various emotionally charged features.Some are sitting in deep meditation, some with serious discussion and yet some others involved in intellectual interactions. The life statues are really wonderful and each of the clay statues will take you to a world of intellectual deposition.Next to the Thousand Buddha Hall is the huge tall pagoda cutting through the skies. Inside the pagoda is filled with creative art work of Buddhism and also you can read the full life of King A Yu.

Travel Tips:

Tourists can take special coaches from Jinan Long Distance Bus Station to Lingyan Temple or from Qiefang Qiao Bus Stop or Provincial Sports Centre Bus Stop can take tourist buses thatwill take you to the temple location.The bus fare would be CNY 45 per head.The busses will take you other important tourist destinations like, Aquaria, the Local Custom Garden and the Butterfly Hall. Generally it is said that if you have not visited Lingyan Temple, it is not a real visit to Mount Tai.So make sure to visit Lingyan Temple!

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