Kalun Lake Holiday Resort - A Beautiful Natural Resort

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Kalun Lake Holiday Resort – A Beautiful Natural Resort

Kalun Lake Holiday Resort is located in Jilin, Changchun of People's Republic of China. Driving 17 kilometers towards the northern direction of Jilin-Changchun Highway you can find this most beautiful, picturesque resort which is eagerly waiting to embrace you. The scenic beauty of the landscape will be beyond your imagination. Such is the engineering and landscape skill blended with modern features; make this resort one of the best of its kind in China.

Varieties of features
The resort consisting of water theme park, beautiful garden, amusement parks, leisure activities, kiosks, water sports etc, make you busy once you reached here. It would be difficult for you to visit all these areas within the shortest possible time. The resorts water surface is 333 hectares and landscape area is 13.6 million square meters. Out the land area, 50 percentage of the land is completely used for afforestation and flower garden plants and rest of the areas are developed for the purpose of amusement parks. You can also find lots artificial pools and lakes, waterfalls and springs.

Aggressive aqua tourism
Lot of importance is given for aqua tourism. Tourists can engage in to fishing and swim through the lakes. There are lots training and interactive programs for tourists as well as locals in cultural activities, education, livestock breeding, and cultivating fruit growing plants. Scientific training is given for doing the farming and aqua cultural activities. Side by side, tourism activities are promoted along with training, in a good way without disturbing the economic activities of the resort and other training programs.

Modern facilities
Facilities for the tourists targeting leisure and entertainment have dominantly planed in the development of the resort. Tourist guest houses are constructed in the forest. Xiyuan Guest House and Jinta Hotel are some of the famous preferable stay locations tourist can consider for accommodation. An array of modern facilities such as shooting range, open air ball room, gymnasium, Roman Stone Pillar Square, illuminated fountains, tennis court, aquatic theme parks, Holland Windmills, deer garden, fishing facilities etc., are some of the exotic features you can experience in the accommodation center.
Seasonal activities at its peak
The lush greenery scene surrounding the resort is really cool. Tourist can hire horses or go for horse ride training. Those who are interested in mountain trekking, this is the best place one can enjoy without any regret. During summer and autumn, tourist can enjoy their maxim in outdoor sports and entertainment activities. During winter, enough ice surfaces will take you for skating and winter sports.

The local community is loving and friendly. It is easy to make company with them and you can invite the youngsters as your companion. People are learning English and now a day it has become apparently easy to communicate with locals. With the help of local friend or a tourist guide, you can participate in various cultural activities and enjoy their local cusine. The resort is also famous for trade fairs, exhibitions and sports activities.

Travel Tips:
As the resort is just 17 kilometer away from the city, it is very much easy to reach to resort from the city. Tourists can hope in to tourist busses or regular plying bus services. You can also consider engaging a taxi to save journey time. Make your holiday a memorable one!

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