Hongye Valley – The First ISO Certified “Eco Tourism” Spot

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Hongye Valley is situated at Jinxiuchuan County in Licheng District, in Shandong Province of Peoples Republic of China. This is first province which got the approval of ISO9000 and ISO14000 for quality certification for environmental management in China. The entire area is developed for "eco tourism" jointly by Ji'nan Landscape Development and Construction Group and Ji'nan New Event Company Limited.Hongye Valley in other words known as the Red Valley Ecological Cultural Tourism Zone is one of the ten new tourist attractions in Shandong in the year 2002.In the year 2003 it has adjudged as grade 4A level scenic area.With systematic development in ecological culture and thematic investment to boost the suburban tourism, Hongye Valley attracts lot of local and international tourists.

Mountain microclimate is very much friendly
North side of Hongye Valley is located the Jinxiuchuan Reservoir.The entire valley has lavish presence of smoke trees but it is not only the major attraction of this scenic area but there are lot of other plants and ornamental trees could also be seen here.The valley is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.The climate is extremely suitable for thick vegetation and 97% of the valley covered by thick forest and lush greeneries. The mountain microclimate is extremely comfortable and temperature in the valley is always lower than that of the surrounding city.The average climate of this valley is 5 degree Celsius.

Lot of attention is given in details to protect the existing environment and to improve the ecological quality without harming the balance of ecology by targeting leisure with eco friendly tourism in one place. Wild sumac bushes are the main plants that one can see in the Red Valley.The valley is spread of 4000 acres of land.Well planned construction by putting human landscape talents converted this valley as one of the best scenic spot. The beauty of the valley is further enhanced with the construction of springs, waterfalls. As a compliment of nature, you can find lot of water birds made this place as their natural abode due to the support of afforestation and creation of the reservoir for their free movement.

Natural Oxygen Bar
The valley's air quality is the finest one.The negative oxygen ion is 300 times more than that of the city environment.Therefore the valley is called as a "natural oxygen bar".Beautiful mirror reflection of shady trees and green hills are picturesque experience that only a good artist create but you can have this lavish view in the valley and enjoy it till you feel tired. Spring season will be a crowning glory, with wild flowers all over the valley with their reflection in the reservoir.During autumn, the leaves turn in to red color and spread all across the field giving a red carpet look. During winter the plum trees start tobloom braving the ice and snow.

Historically important locations
Some of the other historically important attractive tourist points are Hiding Soldiers Cave, Walking Horse Terrace, Xingjiao Temple, and Zhulao Nunnery.Many of these spots are struggling to wither the time. However, during construction of the valley, Zhulao Nunnery and Xingjiao Temples sites are restored and opened for the public.There are entertainment facilities for tourists.You can try with Tree Houses and Mysterious Xian Gbala.This is one of the wonderful tourist destination built exclusively for the tourist who wish to spend quality time away from the bristling modern life.

Travel Tip:
From Ji'nan there are enough tourist buses services are available to Hongye Valley.The valley is opened from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Entry fee is CNY 40 per head.

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