Yimengshan Mountain

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Yimengshan Mountain is a prominent important and traditional mountain in Linyi, in the Shandong Province. The mountain is as high as 1,325 meters. Yimengshan was viewed as a holy mountain and is well-known for its remarkable mountain setting and rich plant life and wildlife. Its chief peak is the second highest peak in the entire province. Yimengshan Mountain is the one of the supports of the civilization of China. Yimengshan Mountain with a traditional past is different from Taishan Mountain (120kilometers away).

Contribution of intellectuals
The mountain has many dissimilar forms of peaks and stones, the rivers, the ancient trees, the centuries-old Taoist sanctuaries, the humble and untainted social custom, and the wonderful legends. Mencius chronicled that Confucius climbed the top of the East (Yimengshan) Mountain and discovered that Yimengshan Mountain dwarfed the entire province of Shandong. The rulers of Tang Xuanzong (the seventh king of Dynasty of Tang), Qianlong (the fifth ruler of the Qing dynasty), and Qing Kangxi (the third ruler of the Qing dynasty) and many have been to the Mountain for giving sacrifices to their gods. The intellectuals, like Libai, Caiyi, Dufu, and Sushi etc., have stayed in here and given world-famous masterworks.

Unique scenery resort
Yimengshan Mountain is a unique scenery resort and a popular ancient and cultural Mountain in the range of mountains of north in China. The lovely scenery, wonderful historical remnants and the rich resources bestow Yimengshan Mountain with the implausible beauty comprising the splendor of Taishan Mountain, the exquisiteness of Huangshan Mountain, the sharpness of Huashan Mountain, and uniqueness of Yantang Mountain.
Yimengshan Mountain with outstanding air quality claims to be a reputable resort for permanence in the world. Yimengshan Mountain Tourism part is allocated into four spots: Yunmeng, Guimeng, Caimeng and Tianmeng. Yunmeng of Mengyin and the Guimeng of Pingyi are the environmental tour spots. Tianmeng is an expedition range of Fei County, and Caimeng is a mount and forest vacation spot.

Giant Buddha Statue
Another tourist spot that one can visit in the Yimeng Shan Mountain is the Giant Buddha Statue. Yimengshan Mountain Huge Buddha, also known as West Hill Giant Buddha, is situated in the Yimengshan Mountain, about 20 kilometers to the south west of the town of Taiyuan, in the province of Shanxi. The Buddha sculpture fronting south was erected on the hills. The exterior of the statue has underwent some grave denudation and been seriously weathered. It is due to long years of rain and wind erosion. Despite this, the giant statue of Buddha is magnificent and a famous tourist spot for all the visitors who want to witness something amazingly creative in China.

Travel Tips
You can take bus no. 5 or bus no. 839 to visit the statue or a taxi can also be taken.
The entire area is enclosed with meadow and trees and there is a river flowing through the hills. As a result, the area is similarly known as the "natural oxygen bar" by the natives and it's a great place to go for relaxation. 

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