Spring City Square of Shandong

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Spring City Square is located in the central square of Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province in the People's Republic of China. Surrounded by mountains, blessed with lots of springs and river, Spring City Square is one of the picturesque locations in Jinan. There are 72 springs in the city itself that would help you understand how deeply the city is connected with springs. From the city towards north, lay the old city and also you can see in the western side the Baotu Spring spurting out like a blooming flower. On the long back ground you can also see the Thousand Buddha Mountain in its magnificent glory in a relaxing posture extended to the southern side and to the cities eastern side you can see the Liberation Pavilion with all the galore.

Sculptured sign board
At the entrance of the square the character "Spring City Square" is sculptured on the signal of entrance in Chinese language is what considered as a welcome message to the tourists. The city is spread to an area of 16.96 hectares. When measured from the north to south it stretched to 230 meters and from east to west it is stretched to 780 meters. It lay between the Baotu Spring and Liberation Pavilion on a large scale and in shorter perspective lay between Bangpeng Avenue and Shuowen Avenue.

Celebrity Forest
Adjacent to the Spring square is the "Celebrity Forest", which has two parts known as the north and south sides. The forest is rich with lots of exuberant trees. There are two separate pavilions constructed in the forest for tourists for relaxation and refreshing activities. Between the two pavilions is the large space expressively developed for entertainment and leisure activities.

The Spring sculpture – the official logo
Between the two crossing of pavilions a large steel sculpture denoted as "Spring" is constructed which is having a height of 38 meters and weighing 170 tons. The structure is a beautiful piece of modern engineering art work and a unique thing you can see in China. The structure cleverly concealed the idea of three springs protruding up windingly together thrusting towards the sky, which is later become the official logo of Jinan city.

The climate in Spring Square City - Jinan will be very hot during summer. So tourist travelling during summer season is advised to carry lot of fluid and also advised to apply sun protective creams.

Travel Tips:

Moving in and out of Jinan city is easy due to the modern arrangements of various mode of transport. The city is well connected by air, train and road transport system.
The airport is located 40 kilometer northeast from the downtown. Airport to city will cost you about CNY 100 per taxi cab. There are airport shuttle bus services plying between the city and airport, which are very much convenient for the tourists.

Railway station is located in the northern side of Jinan city. The main rail network, Beijing to Shanghai passes through Jinan. It will take about 5 hours to reach Jinan from Beijing or Shanghai. The railway station is well connected with bus services hence, tourists getting down at Jinan Railway station won't face any problem to move to their destined tourist location or accommodation center.

Similarly, there are lot of bus service are plying to Jinan from major cities. Also there are local tourist sightseeing buses, which are very helpful for tourist to move to their desired tourist destination.

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