Jinan Zoo – One of the Biggest Zoos in China

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Jinan Zoo was opened on first of May 1960. It is located in city of Jinan in land of China. The number of animals in this zoo is over thirty thousand. There are more than two hundred and sixty species in Jinan Zoo. Every year, approximately one million visitors are there to this famous zoo. It was earlier called as Taurus Park, which was in fact founded in month of October in 1959. The name Jinan Zoo was offered only on the eight day of September in 1989. It is one among the biggest zoos in China and is situated in province of Shandong.

Open areas allowing tourists to mingle with wild life:
Being one of the most well known zoos, it is positioned to one of the top ten zoos. At present, it has turned to be a large scale one that is involved in several activities like breeding, zoology, catering, tours and entertainment. It has over three hundred various animal species with more than five thousand animals. The main attraction is that the zoo has specifically four distinct zones such as education, animal display, catering and entertainment. In the year 1999, an open peacock region was built where the peacocks can freely roam about. In the year 2000, nearly eight hundred thousand US dollars was raised in order to build the most advanced herbivore natural habitat exhibit in China. The people visiting the zoo can walk through the exhibit. In the year 2001, again money was raised, which amounted to one billion US dollars in order to build a facility which will permit the young individuals to interact easily with animals. It is reported that as each year passes by, there is significant increase in the number of visitors.

Major attractions
The employees at Jinan Zoo have also contributed in several kinds of huge appreciable achievement like animal protection, knowledge of animal science, and research in animal breeding. The important species that are on display are the ones which originated from land of China, such as giant panda, takin, golden monkey, kiang, fox, Asian elephant, Thorold’s deer, Francois’ leaf monkey, red crowned crane and hoolock gibbon. In the year 1992, a pair of Sichun golden monkeys were also introduced that were bred successfully in the zoo. Lot of domesticated golden monkeys are bred in the Jinan Zoo. During the year 1998, a region of about three thousand square meters was created to protect hundred birds in a paradise which contains more than one hundred and fifty different species just as a part of promoting breeding of birds.

Huge amounts of bamboo are introduced every year to support lives of red pandas as well as giant pandas. Nearly five hectares of bamboo forest can be seen in the Jinan Zoo. The authorities are striving to create an excellent natural environment among animals and the caregivers in order to best stimulate the life just as they were in wild. There are many imported species in Jinan Zoo like white tigers, zebras, gorillas, giraffes, African elephant, chimpanzee, and more.

Travel Tips:

The zoo is a public transit hub. Line four of Jinan BRT transportation system has a stop at the Jinan Zoo station. Regular bus services are available here. 

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