Rushan of Shandong

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Rushan is county level city located in province of Shandong. It has four county level divisions and sixty six township level divisions. The area of the city covers about one thousand six hundred and sixty eight square kilometres out of which 28.6 square kilometres are for urban and metro each. As per census of year 2010, city had a population density of three hundred and fifty per square kilometres. The population count to nearly five hundred and eighty two thousand four hundred and eighty two.

Mountain Mamma
Rushan is also known as Mountain Mamma due to its literal meaning. It comes under the administration of Weihai prefecture level city in China. The city borders Yantai in the northern side facing the Yellow sea to its north. The name is derived from the hill with breast shape on seashore. Rushan is having a very lengthy history. Yuli was the first county found in this city and it was in 206 BC. As Rushan is situated in south eastern side of seashore, it possesses a seasonal as well as mild climate which is moderated well by Yellow sea. The warmest month is August with mean temperature of twenty three and half degree Celsius. The month of January is coldest with zero degrees Celsius.

The city of Rushan in Shandong is in just two hours flight from several significant cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing, and more. There are many medium sized as well as large cities around Rushan. Few among them are Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao. All these ciited are within 1 hour drive from city of Rushan. Across the city, the transportation facilities are awesome as State Highway 309, Qingdao Weihai Expressway and Jinan Weihai Railway runs through it. The city possesses lot of attractive sports like Da Rushan Coastal Resort that has 4A status in state level, Silver Beach Resort, Shengshui Palace which is a sacred land of Taoism, Tangshang Hot spring and Juyushan National Forest Park, and more.

Famous for Shell Fish
Rushan city has a coastal line of one hundred and eighty five kilometres. It is well known for the varieties of rare species of fish as well as shellfishes. The yearly production of seafood is over two hundred thousand tons. The city is in fact rich in terms of hilly land. It has turned to be a prominent production base of fruits in the whole of Jiaodong peninsulas. Rushan city is also plenty in reserves of silver as well as gold; and produces more than five tons of gold every year that makes Rushan city the fifth largest gold producing city in land of China. It has attained the great reputation of Gold Bridge and Silver Beach in whole of China.

Lots of focus on education
There are several elementary schools in Rushan city as the government focuses more in providing education to children. Few among them are Rushan Number One Experimental Elementary School, Rushan Number Two Experimental Elementary School, Huangshanlu Elementary School, etc. There are many middle schools such as Rushan Fuqian Middle School and high schools like Rushan Golden Mountain High School.

Travel Tips
It is best to visit Rushan in August when the temperature is considered. The transportation facilities are appreciable here. Hurry up!

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