Changchun Movie Wonderland - A Multiplex for Unequivocal Experience

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Changchun movie wonderland is the first Movie Theme Park of world class quality built in China. Constructed by the Changchun Film Studios, one of the innovators of China’s film business, the theme park unwraps up the domain of movies to travelers. Joining in the spirits of Hollywood and Disney, Changchun Movie Wonderland is jam-packed with travelers from the entire world, particularly young tourists. The park’s massive screen, dome screen, 3D water screen, Laser theatre, and 4D theatres offer unmatchable watching experiences. Launched in May 2005, this Movie Wonderland has been explored by over one million visitors and it importantly increases the tourism business not only in the city of Changchun but in China too.

Mind blowing attractions
Changchun isn't frequently regarded as one of China's best cities, but it does possess a cinematic status. The Changchun Film Group is the foundation of the Chinese movie industry and the city also organizes an international film festival; it was a usual enough development for Changchun to create its own movie theme park. This movie wonderland is situated on the shoulder of the giants, and features Disney World Theme Parks. It is often regarded as the “Hollywood of the East”. It also won the award of “Jilin province most popular tourist attraction” in the year of 2011.

Learn and understand the technicalities
The stereoscopic 3D cinemas and few of the 3D computer animations are the main attractions of Movie Wonderland's technical development. Motion Dome Cinema displays the procedure of creating motion dome cinemas and lets tourists understand the delightful and memorable expedition of building motion dome pictures. 4D Special Cinema provides more intense movies comprising the Extraordinary Lab simply directed by Changchun Movie Wonderland. Explosion of volcano creates an amazing voyage about the loss of the enigmatic Mayan city.

Changchun movie wonderland is a park with discrete screen culture and high cultural values. It makes use of film and video series as its transporters to reveal the secretive masking of filmmaking and to let tourists revel in high-quality cinema art. It is not only traveler recourse of film and video, but then again also the fresh address of film studio of Changchun. It has developed into a diamond of movie industry business in the city of Changchun. There are numerous chief sights, like the four-dimensional movies, laser levitation cinema, water curtain stereoscopic cinema, three-dimensional huge screen cinema, multidimensional ball curtain cinemaYingshen Mountain, Dense Forest Castles, Outer Space Forest, Bright Pearl of Century, Yin and Yang House, Mofang Star City, Flying Dragon Palace, Suspending Palace, Crystal Mountain, Milky River Palace, Hero Square, Wonderland, Naughty Castle, Blessing Spring, Mysterious Ancient Tree and Happy Island.
How to reach the Changchun movie wonderland

The Changchun movie wonderland is located on the Highway of the city of Changchun, in the zone of Jingyue, and about five kilometers away from the proper city. You can take bus no. 102, 160 and 120 to reach there or you can also take the Light Rail Line 2. The entry fees ranges from CNY 99 to 240. Come on and enjoy the wonderful cinematic world!

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