The Pearl Spring in Jinan

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Pearl Spring also known as Zhenzhuquan is one among the four well known springs in city of Jinan. It flowsthrough the courtyard of beautiful Pearl Spring Auditorium situated in the core area of ancient City district. Pearl Spring auditorium is a very huge building that has a unique design. Normally, the government of Shandong Province holds almost all the important meetings in this auditorium. Many film shows as well as public meetings are also conducted here.The Pearl Spring is situated on northern side of the Quancheng Road. The main reason behind this name is that the spring water here is coming from the bottom of a pool. Therefore, numerous bubbles of water come out from the mouth of the spring. These bubbles look just as the pearl strings.
Song Crab Apple
In the Pearl spring, one can find certain of carps playing that have bubbles at their mouths. A beautiful scene of attractive carps can be viewed almost everywhere playing with beautiful pearls. Near the pearl springs, there is a crab apple that is thought to be planted during the period of Song dynasty. It is generally known as "Song Crab Apple".This spring connects to 10 other springs close by which include Zhuoying Spring, Xiting Spring, Wangfu Spring, and more. They form a collection of springs that have the waters converging to Lake Daming. Jinan is already known as a tourist destination for the beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers, springs, old cultural remains that combines perfectly as one. This city is popularly known as beautiful spring city in whole of China. The other famous springs are Baotu spring, wulong spring also called Five dragon spring, Heihu spring alternatively known as Flying Tiger spring, etc.

Pearl Spring
There are several attractive spots near the pearl spring. The well known towns and cities near are Sihai, Chenchuchuan, Ssuhai, and Ssuhaipao.Other closest important cities are Peking,Langfang,Xuanhua, and Zhangjiakou.Pearl Spring is a popular and artesian karst spring with cultural significance. Jinan City is famous for Pearl spring. The square spring pool at which pearl spring is located is surrounded fully by a stone fence on every side. The spring water that is flowing into Daming Lake is happening through a canal. The Pearl spring was introduced into a governor’s garden during the fifteenth century, specifically in the year 1466. The government of Shangdong continued to exist in vicinity of the pearl spring till the nineteenth century.
The other springs which are classified to be in Pearl Spring group are Brook Pavilion Spring, Sanshui Spring and Chu Spring. All these springs have the water bubbles that appear as the pearl springs. As the location is in the core part of ancient region in the Jinan City, travellers find it very easy to reach the spot. The address of the street in which pearl spring is located is 1 Yuanqian Avenue in city of Jinan in Shandong province in land of China.
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